Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Thai and Dwejra

BLOG # 1540  --  Day 596 of the Pandemic

Howdy once again, now it's four for four  - how long can I keep this going is the question of the day. 

The first card today arrived from Malta. Charmaine's card shows a gentleman collecting salt at the Dwejra Salt Pans. In the background is the Azure Window, a natural rock arch which collapsed in stormy weather on 8th March 2017. 


Charmaine used a Dog stamp from a 2020 sheet of 16 different stamps.

This next card arrived from Singapore but it has a Thai Airways subject. Thai Airway - Smooth as Silk. A great motto - they pride themselves on providing the sincerest and most attentive service. 

Colin used 2 stamps on this one. On the left is a 2021 stamp issued for the 2020 Summer Olympics. And we all know that the 2020 Games were held in Tokyo this year, 2021. The 2nd stamp is 1 of 5 issued in 2017 for the 150th Anniversary of the First Postage Stamp issued in Singapore. One I wouldn't mind having in my collection. It is valued at around $200.00 US in used condition and about $100.00 US in mint condition. The first Singapore stamp was actually a Straits Settlements 1867 Crown Overprint on an India Queen Victoria stamp. Might be too much information for some, but the stamp collector just came out in me. 


I want to thank Colin and Charmaine for their cards today. This update is a little shorter than my usual but that happens sometimes. I'll shoot for a longer one next time. 

Take care. Remember the pandemic is still among us so do your part.  

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