Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breaking News-----Parksville Bound

I'm back. It's been over 2 weeks, but I have been so very busy. If you go back and read my last entry, I mentioned that I would have news of Parksville, very Big news in fact. Here it is : I, we, My Lovely Teena and I are moving to Parksville, British Colombia, on the west coast of Canada. Parksville is located on Vancouver Island, in the Strait of Georgia. We are so excited and looking forward to this move. We have been there a number of times and loved the area every time. It's just a small city with a little  over 12,000 people. We have sold our home here in Airdrie and purchased a new one in Parksville.

If you have cards in the mail to me, don't worry, I'll still receive them. I will have my mail forwarded for a couple of months. If you are sending a card, please continue to use my current address until I announce otherwise. I will be in Parksville from September 5th and on. Of course at the first opportunity , I'll set up my new address, and announce it here.

I do want to take this opportunity to say thanks for cards I have received in the past 2 weeks.
I won't be showing them at this tine, however.
First is Joe and his card of Fort Ticonderoga and the Green Mountain Boys.
Then we have a card from my grandkids, Evan and Ryann, of The Battery in St.John's.
Two cards sent by Meelis, one from Latvia and one from Estonia.
One from Bruce, sent from South Africa.
A card from Fati in Germany , along with a stamped envelope from Togo.
A card from Paris with a very large stamp, sent by Jean Pierre.
Two cards from Johan, one from Ireland and one from Italy.
An Official FIFA postcard sent from Rio, Brazil, plus a card from Netherlands, both sent by my brother Dale.
A Doors of Dublin card sent by David.
Two cards from Fabienne, one fron French Andorra and one from Spanish Andorra.
And lastly two cards from Dominique, one sent from France and one from Czech Republic.

So thank you all for these fine cards, I really appreciate receiving them.

There you have it. As you read this, you'll be among the first to hear our news, other than some family.

Since I am quite busy with the move, I may be absent from this blog now until I get settled in Parksville. Hope you all understand. Take care,