Monday, October 25, 2021

Artifacts, Road Racing Champion, and a Guernsey ATM

 BLOG # 1539  --  Day 595 of the Pandemic

Hello , here I am again, three days in a row, must be a record !

Today I am starting with a card from Belgium. It shows some of the artifacts to be found in the archaeological collection in the Abbey Museum Ten Duinen. 

Johan used a lovely Rooster stamp on this card. It is 1 of 5 in a minisheet entitled Nature in the Belgian Tricolor. Nice First Day of Issue here too. 

My next card is also from Belgium and also sent by Johan. It shows a picture of a few of the 38 participants in the 1935 UCI Road World Championships that took place in Floreffe, Belgium. Of course the winner was Belgian Jean Aerts. He finished the 216 kilometers in 6 hours 5 seconds and 19 seconds. Aerts is shown on the left in the photo. 

 Johan used a tee-shirt shaped stamp this time. It commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the World Cycling Championships. It's another First Day of Issue cancellation with a very unique design.

Guernsey is the origin of this next card. It's a look at Hauteville House or Victor Hugo House. This is where Hugo lived during his exile from France for opposing Napolean III. He spent 15 years living as an islander in St. Peter Port. For Victor Hugo, Guernsey was a rock of hospitality and freedom. Hauteville House was built around 1800 and Hugo lived in it from 1856 to 1870. 

  Jean Pierre used a Guernsey Flag, Post and Go stamp for UK Large , up to 100g. 

 You know , I never really know what to call those stamps. Some call them Computer Vended Postage, ATM Stamps, Frama Labels, Autopost Stamps or Automatenmarken. What do you call them ?

 That's the end for today. Thanks to Johan and Jean Pierre for today's cards. 

Well covid case counts are dropping in Alberta and in Canada, but I can't say the end is in sight. We just have to press on and see it through to the end, whenever that might be. Take care  and stay safe.  

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