Thursday, November 27, 2008

Republic of Crimea # 206 in my Collection

Today's mail brought a wonderful and total surprise in the form of a postcard from The Republic of Crimea. This will be # 206 of my collection. I am not sure who sent it to me but I hope that you will contact me via email or at least leave a comment on the blog. To know that I have readers in that part of the world is quite something. Thank you so much.
The Autonomous Republic of Crimea is an autonomous republic of Ukraine, located on the northern coast of the Black Sea. Crimea is a parliamentary republic which is governed by the Constitution of Crimea in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. The capital and seat of the republic's government is the city of Simferopol, from which this postcard was mailed. The comment on the card says" This card was sent by ground mail from Simferopol, capital of Crimea, 19Nov 2008. " Eight days later, it's delivered in Calgary, Canada, not too bad for a card that started out by ground mail.
Crimea's total area is 26,200 square kilometres with a population of approximately 2 million inhabitants.
The card shows Bakhchisaray Palace, located in the city of Bakhchisaray, a city of roughly 35,000 people. Known as The Khan's Palace or Hansaray, it was built in the 16th century . The walled enclosure contains a mosque, a harem, a cemetery, living quarters and gardens. The republic's capital, Simferopol has the longest trolleybus lime in the world with a total of 86 kilometres.
The sender used 4 wonderful stamps from Ukraine. The large one on top was issued in 2003 and features Yevpatoria , coat of arms and ships and boats. The small stamp at left is from a set of 7 definitives , issued in 2007 featuring art and antique objects. the middle stamp, issued in 2005 shows Sebastopol and again coats of arms and ships & boats. Finally the stamp on the right , issued in 2004 shows Balaklava with coat of arms .
This is a great addition to my postcard collection. To whoever sent it, many thanks . If and when you contact me , I will certainly acknowledge your sending it to me.
Best regards to all. Comments welcome.


SL said...

I finally put up a postcard blog. It is a lot of work, scanning and downloading, arranging and writing. So I really appreaciate yours and other postcard blogs. You have a fantastic collection. Each collection is unique and so I will wander here to stare, enjoy and be amazed from time to time. SL

M. A. Leal said...

I left a comment on another post: Many Postcards Again Today Plus An Appeal

Please take a look at it.

Scott said...

SL - what is your postcard blog web address? Would be interested to look at it. I have a website which is along similar lines Best wishes from the U.K. Scott.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gem, I received today your Calgary postcard with Sir W.Churchill stamp.