Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Rare Sunday Update

I have three cards to have a look at today. They come from China, Australia and Croatia. All three were received as a result of my participation in Postcrossing. First let's have a look at the card from China. The card shown Soung Dongting Lake. Dongting Lake , China's second-largest freshwater lake , is located in Northeastern Hunan Province. South Dongting Lake , near Yuanjiang City, is famous for the picturesque beauty of its fishing villages: the mist and fog rising from the surface of the lake , making the sky and the water the same color, exactly as it is on this postcard. The card is a prepaid postcard with the same picture of the lake , shown on the postage. In addition a 1996 stamp , celebrating Children's day was also used.

G'Day from Australia. This is the opening comment on the card from Australia. Shades of Crocodile Dundee and Mick Dundee. The card shows The Sydney Opera House, illuminated as it is in January of each year as part of the city's summer festival. I don't really need to write anymore about this wonderful building, as it is world famous and has been the subject of much publication. The card's sender used a quite nice Christmas Island 2008 Christmas stamp.

The last card for today is from Croatia. Croatia is a southern Central European country bordering Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. It's capital is Zagreb. The card shows 4 views of Zagreb. The sender used 2 stamps from 2008 and a 2004 issue featuring Virovitica, a Croatian city near the Croatian -Hungarian border. The 2008 stamps celebrate Bizovac, a town in eastern Croatia and Ravni Kotari, a region in Croatia, situated in Northern Dalmatia.

That is today's update. Regards to all.


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