Friday, September 14, 2018

Five Cards To End The Week

Hello once again, here's the last five cards received this week . They arrived from The U.S. , Belgium, Germany, Canada and China. We'll look at them in that order.

Salt Lake City, Utah is the focus of the first card .  Margene's card shows us the city at the foot of the snowcapped Wasatch Mountains. A nice card with a Delta jet to boot. The city is the World Headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Three stamps on this one, From the left is a 2017 Additional Ounce Hat stamp.The other 2 stamps are from this year. The middle one is 1 of 5 in the Art of Magic set. The other, on the right, is 1 of 4 in the Dragons set, which was issued at the APS ( American Philatelic Society )  Stamp Show in Columbus, Ohio. 

My second card today is a nice evening autumn view of Liege, a city located in the valley of the river Meuse in French speaking Wallonia. It's home to Belgium's oldest and largest street market, the "Batte" market. Liege is close to Maastricht, Netherlands ( 33 km) and close to Aachen, Gremany (53).

Gerda used 2 stamps on her card. The left stamp was issued in 2002 , 1 of 20 in a set called Turn of a Century. The other stamp is from 2016, 1 of 5 in the Belgium From the Sky set.

Here's the latest addition to my Aircraft / Airlines on Postcards Collection. An Aero Lloyd Airbus A320. This is aircraft D-ALAA pictured at Munich in April of 1996.  Aero Lloyd was a German charter airline based in Oberursel, Germany. It was founded in December 1980 and ceased operation in October 2003. Their motto was " Fly My Way ". Guess that didn't work out all that well . This particular airplane , D-ALAA had its first flight on November 14, 1995. It was in Aero Lloyd's fleet from Jan 1996 - Oct 2003. It then flew for America West Airlines, US Airways, and finally American Airlines. It has been stored as of Jan 2016.

Jean Pierre used a Flower definitive along with a recent 2018 stamp. It commemorates  the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Nelson Mandela. It is a Joint Issue with South Africa.

Every now and then I post myself a postcard , just to check on the postmark / cancellation. Checking to see if the lady at the local post office is on top of her work. Looks like she is , at least on this card.
The East Airdrie RPO came through again.

I used 2 slightly older stamps on this one. On the left, from May 1987, a stamp celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Engineering Institute of Canada. On the right, from 2006, a stamp showing the Dorothy Knowles painting The Field of Rapeseed.

It's that time again - last card time. This time it's from China. It's a look at Guangzhou Airport , the sixth busiest airport in Asia by total passengers annually - 65.8 million. It is the main hub for China Southern Airlines.

Tracey used a Bird stamp on her card.

There it is . Another update. Thanks for cards this time go out to Margene, Gerda, Jean Pierre and Tracy. Thanks for dropping by, See you again next week. Take care.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cards That Never Made Yesterday's Blog

Hello again, here's the cards that I intended to show yesterday and for whatever reason that didn't happen. So here we go.

Let's start today with a nice Aircraft / Airline card. It's a Lot Polish Airlines Embraer ERJ 170 in a special livery. This aircraft type had its first flight on Feb 19, 2002. There have been 1,439 of the ERJ 170s built. This particular aircraft SP-LDH is still in the Lot Polish Fleet. It is flying from Venice to Warsaw this evening. 

Renata used a Flowers and Fruits stamp from 2016.

This next card arrived from Belarus. It's a Bird themed card showing a Black Stork. This is a large bird measuring between 95 and 100 cm in length with a 145 - 155 cm wingspan.
It usually avoids contact with people. The Black Stork is considered to be a species of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Julia used a couple of small stamps on her card. On the left , from 2016, is 1 of 2 in a set showcasing State Symbols of the Republic of Belarus. The other 3 same stamps are from the Wild Animals set of 5 issued in 2014.

Seattle, USA is featured on my third card for today. The city is located on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by water, trees and mountains. It's a hub for global health with 168 global health organizations in the state, many of which are headquartered in the city. The city's most iconic landmark is the Space Needle, built in 1962 and standing out on Stephen & Sara's card.

It's often said that there's a coffee shop on every corner in Seattle. Maybe that's why they came up with the movie title " Sleepless in Seattle " .  Steve wrote that he picked up this card near the infamously sticky " Gum Wall " . The Market Theatre Gum Wall is a brick wall covered in over 1,070 kg of used chewing gum. A local landmark since 1999, parts of the wall are covered several inches thick, 15 feet high for 50 feet in used gum. In 2009 it was named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions , second only to the Blarney Stone.  As Steve wrote " Chew on that " .  Look it up, there are pictures online.

Steve used one of the 2017 Green Succulent , Global Forever stamps.

Now here's a card for all the car nuts out there. It's a Mercedes Benz 300 SL Cabrio. I think 1961 but I'm not 100% sure. A good looking car though. Would I like one ? Sure , but let me win the lotto first.

Linda from Norway used a fine selection of stamps on this card - 5 different in total , dating from 1988 to 1999. From the left they are : 1 of 2 Millennium Stamps, issued in 1999. Next is 1 of 2 stamps issued for the Foundation of Children's Stamp Club, in 1997. Then we have 1 of 4 Northern Edition Tourism stamps from 1995. Then it's 1 of 2 issued commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Conciliation Board, in 1995. Finally from 1988, is 1 of 2 Edible Mushrooms stamp.

Here we go - last card time for today. This one is from The Netherlands. Showing some of the buildings in Maastricht. You can see St. John's Church  and the Basilica of Saint Servatius.

Odette used a 2018 International Rate stamp. It is 1 of 2 in the 2018 Europa issue showing Bridges.

There it is, today's update. Thanks for today's cards go out to Odette, Linda, Stephen & Sara, Julia, and Renata.

Thanks for dropping in, if you have anything to say about today's update, don't be shy - leave a comment. Take care.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11th - 17 Years Ago

Well we all know what happened 17 years ago today. The World changed. Take a moment and remember .

My postcards today aren't related to 9/11 and maybe that's a good thing. Some things are bigger than postcards !

My first card today comes from China. It shows a wonderful old bridge in Wuzhen, a 1,300 year old water town on the Yangtze River and also the Grand Canal. Many bridges like this one are to be found in the town and throughout South China. They all date over 1,000 years.

A Postcrosser named Annie sent this card. She used a nice selection of stamps from this year. On the left is a stamp from the Chinese Towns set of 6. The other 2 stamps are 2 of 4 commemorating the 120th Anniversary of China Post.

Next up is a card from Japan. It shows the Nagoya Castle in the snow. The castle was built between 1610 and 1619. It was bombed and destroyed by the U.S. Air Force in May of 1945. Reconstruction took place between 1957 and 1959 and again from 2009-2018. Some parts will not be finished until 2022.

Mitsumi used a bunch of stamps, all showing Birds and Animals. They are all definitives from 2015.

That it for today. This update was supposed to be much longer but I got really waylayed today and had to curtail it to just 2 cards.  I'll do better tomorrow,

Thanks for cards go out to Mitsumi and Annie.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Labour Day 2018

Greetings to one and all on this Labour Day - the annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. If there`s  Labour Day celebrations or a parade get out and celebrate . My hometown of Grand Falls , Newfoundland is celebrating it`s 98th annual Labour Day Parade. Good for them .

I have a few cards to show today, nothing around the Labour Day theme though, but good cards just the same. Hopefully they were printed in a unionized printing shop.

Today`s first card comes from Seville, Spain. The city is the capital of the Andalusia region and famous for Flamenco dancing. The city`s Old Town contains three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one is the subject of this card. Made a World Heritage Site in 1987 , it`s the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, or as it`s often called - Seville Cathedral. Constructed between 1501 and 1528 ,it ranks near the top of the largest cathedral or churches in the world.

David used a recent stamp on this card. It was issued on July 25th and is made of wood pulp paper. It actually feels and looks like thin wood. It celebrates Alvaro de Mendanay Neira, explorer of Oceania.

Surprise, surprise ! My second card is also from Spain, this time it`s Cordoba. The Historic Centre of the city was added to the existing UNESCO WHS listing in 1994. The original listing from 1984 was for  the Mosque - Cathedral of Cordoba, which you can see on the card . It was built between 784 and the 16th century.

This is another card from David and this time he used a 2018 stamp celebrating the National Intelligence Centre.

Card number three is from Alsace, France. It`s a look at the House of Tanners -  an Alsace restaurant on the banks of the Ill, a tributary of the Rhine. The typical , half-timbered house dates from 1572.

Dominique used a nice aviation stamp from 1973. It commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian aviation pioneer . He was one of the few people to have contributed to the development of both lighter than air and heavier than air aircraft. 

My next card arrived from `s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Barbara`s card shows a Nico Vrielink print of a lady in a swimsuit. Vrielink is a Dutch artist, born in 1956 in Reuse. He paints as he lives - intensely and extravagantly. After I received this card I looked up Vrielink`s art and I can say I definitely like it.

Barbara used 2 stamps from this year. On the left is 1 of 5 in a set of Money - The Dutch Guilder. On the right is 1 of 10 in a set of Insects and Spiders.

I always learn something from just about every card I receive and this next one is no exception. It's from Melilla, Spain. The city is a Spanish autonomous city located on the north coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco. Melilla is one of two permanently inhabited Spanish cities on mainland Africa, the other being Ceuta. That is my lesson learned for today.
David's card shows the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus , located in the center of Melilla. It was built between 1900 and 1918.

This time David used a stamp commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Madrid Protocol - Environmental Protection for the Antarctic. It covers the years 1998-2018.

Now it's time for the last card of the day and it comes from Malaysia. Jobbo's card shows one truly beautiful building. It's the Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur. Designed by British architect, it features a 41 metre clock tower with a copper dome. This magnificent building was built between 1894 and 1897. It now houses both the offices of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Jobbo used 2 stamps on his card. On the left , from 2017, is 1 of 3 stamps commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Chung Ling High School. The other stamp was issued in 2015 and is 1 of 3 featuring Farm Animals.

A word to Jobbo - Not to worry about duplicate cards. Don't even think about it. Even if a duplicate shows up, it'll have new and different stamps I'm sure. Of the more than 5,000 cards I have received , you can count duplicates on on one hand. So don't worry. I'm not.

I'm just about finished for today, I have a little something to show from 1969. It's an envelope posted in my hometown from that year. What's most interesting about it is the cost of postage back then. In 1969 a domestic stamp for mailing anywhere in Canada cost just 5 cents. Today , 2018 it costs 85 cents.

That's the update for this time. Thanks for cards go out to David, Barbara, Dominique and Jobbo. .
Enjoy your Labour Day.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

At Long Last A New Country Postcard - # 265

Hello again, and Hello September. What better way to start the month of than with a card from a new country for my collection. It's country or stamp issuing entity # 265.  TOKELAU .
Tokelau is a remote group of atolls in the South Pacific Ocean. It is located halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, of which it's a territory. Tokelau consists of 3 atolls with a combined area of just 10 sq km, and has a population of approximately 1,500. With the smallest economy in the world , it is still a leader - it is the first nation in the world to be 100 per cent powered by solar power.

David's card shows us the shape of Nukunonu Island - one of the three atolls, along with Tokelau's Flag.


David used a 2014 stamp showing Tokelau Weaving. It's from a set of 4.

Thanks to David I can knock another one of the list. With Tokelau  on board I just have 9 left on the list. That's MY list of course - others have different lists and I respect that. Some places on MY list might not be considered by others and vice versa.
The 9 remaining places I need and would like a card from are :

Australian Antarctic Territory
Central African Republic
Congo ( Democratic Rep )
Sierra Leone
South Sudan
and  Transnistria

So you all know the drill - if you are going to any of these places, if you know anyone going to any of these places for any reason, don't forget me . You'll be in my debt.

There you go, a short and sweet update. And BIG thanks to David .
Be back here soon !

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Most Likely the Last Cards for August

Well August has just about come and gone. Today's title implies this is the last for this month, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. We'll just have to wait and see.
Today , let's start with Ravindra's card from Sihanoukville, Cambodia. This is a coastal city and features the country's best known beaches. Ravindra's card shows us monks , resting after a long morning along Ochheuteal and Serendipity Beaches.

Ravindra used a nice stamp from 2017. It shows a Cangzhou Iron Lion, 1 of 2 in a set and a Joint Issue with China.

Be sure to check out Ravindra's postcard blogs. His blog about trains on postcards, called " Discover the World on Trains " can be found right here .  He has another one about lighthouses on postcards.

My second card is from the Principality of Andorra. Its capital , Andorra La Velle is the highest capital in Europe at 1,013 meters above sea level. The card , one of the " Greetings From/ Flags of the World  series " gives lots of information about the country . Andorra's postal services are not operated by the country itself, but by Spain and France. This card was sent through the Spanish system. 

This is a card sent by Josep & Assumpta as they live not far from Andorra. The stamp on the left is from 2002 , and celebrates the History of the Automobile and shows a Rolls Royce. The other stamp, from 2015 commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Legal Age to 18.

Josep & Assumpta also have a wonderful postcard blog located  here .

This next card arrived from Taiwan, but looking at it, one might think it's from France. The card displays the Eiffel Tower 1889 by Georges Seurat. He was a French painter who lived from 1859-1891.

A Postcrosser named Cherry sent this card along. She used 2 stamps from 1992 and 1 from 2016. The 2 Mammals stamps are from a set of 4. The stamp on the right , also from a set of 4 showing Fruits.

     Now it's a card from Thailand showing Friendship Bridge. It is the first bridge across the Mekong River in the northeast Nongkhai region. It was officially opened on April 8, 1944 and is 1,174 m in length. 

Again this is another Postcrossing card. Heart who hails from Chiang Mai is the sender. As is often the case with cards from Thailand, this one arrived with a fine selection of stamps. The 2 stamps on the left are from this year. The first one commemorates the 45th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Romania. It is a Joint Issue with Romania. The 2nd stamp commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Turkey. It also is a Joint Issue with Turkey. The small stamp in the middle is 1 of 4 in a 2009 set celebrating New Year 2010. The 2 stamps on the right date from 2017. They are 2 of a set of 6 showing Thai Desserts.

There you have it, today's four cards. Thanks for them go out to Ravindra, Josep & Assumpta, Cherry and Heart.
Take care, hope you enjoyed today's cards and stamps.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Right Back At It

Time for another look at some fine postcards. That's what this blog is all about, right ? Today I am starting with a couple of cards from Family.
My son Stephen and his wife Sara recently visited Montreal  and  took the time to send a postcard my way. It's an interior look at Notre Dame Basilica. Completed in 1829, it was built in Gothic Revival style. The towers were added in 1841 and 1843. When completed it was the largest church in North America and remained so for over fifty years. It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1989.

The stamp on this one is 1 of 9 issued this year . They show many of the must see places in Canada. These definitives are a Tourism set called From Far and Wide. The stamp on the card pictures rock formations in Ile-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Perce National Park.

Now that you've seen the Basilica's interior, here's what it looks like outside, at least back in 1929 when this old postcard was issued.

My second card is another from My Lovely Teena. We recently visited Dinosaur Provincial Park and she sent this card to me. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the 21st that we have visited. Still got a few to go though !
Teena's card shows a Hadrosaur or duck-billed dinosaur, and we did indeed see a full skeleton of a Hadrosaur that has been left in the ground as a permanent display. 

Teena used a Weather Wonders stamp from the set of 5 issued July 26th. It shows Light Pillars, ethereal bands of light that appear when tiny ice crystals in the air reflect light from artificial sources.

The card was posted in the Village of Duchess, The Village With A Future. Duchess is one of the closest towns to Dinosaur Park, located just 35 km away and has a population of around 1,100.

Here's another card from Dinosaur Provincial Park, showing the terrain of much of the park.

Another Weather Wonder stamp - this time a Moon Halo, produced by light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

Now here's something a little different. A card from Russia showing an oil on canvas by Gaston Bussier from 1911. It's called Isolde. In medieval Arthurian legend Isolde was an Irish Princess betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall. After accidentally drinking a love potion, she became the lover of the King's knight Tristan, which led to their tragic deaths.

 Ksenia , from Nizhny Novgorod,  a large city on the Volga sent this card. The city was formerly known as Gorky. Two really nice stamps on this one. The top stamp was issued thus year and is a  Europa Stamp from a Bridge Series.  Looks more like a tourist attraction than an actual bridge. Reminds me of Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Lets you walk out over the valley, 918 ft straight down.
The bottom stamp is 1 of 4 in a set of Bridges issued in 2010. This is the bridge over Kola Bay, Murmansk. 

Just 2 cards left for today. Both are from Papua New Guinea. It's a rare day when you get a card from there , but how lucky are you when you get to show two. This first one is a look at Hanuabada Village in Port Moresby, the capital .  With a population of roughly 365,000 the city is set to host the APEC summit in November 2018.

The stamp on the left is from 2012 and shows us a Hiri Lagatoi - a traditional double-hulled watercraft of Papua New Guinea. The stamp on the right is 1 of 6 issued in 2017 to showcase the country's Chairmanship of APEC - the Asia Pacific Economic Conference.

That card was from David and here's his second one . This one is from Kokopo, the new capital of New Britain province, about 12 km from Rabaul, the former capital. Rabaul was destroyed in 1994 by falling ash from a volcanic eruption. 80% of the buildings in Rabaul collapsed under the weight. David's card shows the Mask Festival, and a rare sight - tubuan dancing off-shore on canoes. The Mask Festival is a cultural tribute to the people of East New Britain- the Tolai, Baining, Pomio and Sulka. The first day of the festival will include the " Kinavai " - the arrival of the Tolai Tubuans at dawn. The festival has been held annually since 1995.

David used a 2017 Year of the Rooster stamp from a set of 4.

So ends another update. All great cards I think. Thanks for cards this time go out to Stephen & Sara, My lovely Teena, Ksenia and David.  I should be back in a day or two, drop by for more of the same.