Monday, August 21, 2017

Two Postcards from David, Two From Dominique and a Single from Sven

Hello again on this Solar Eclipse Day 2017. No I don't have any cards showing eclipses, I guess they exist , but I haven't received any. Today's card arrived from Japan, Germany, and France.
Let's start with one from Japan. Here we see the beautiful scenery of Sapporo, on Hokkaido Island, Japan. Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan and Sapporo, its capital is the largest city on Hokkaido. The island lies just 43 km south of Sakhalin Island. That's Sakhalin Island of Korean Air Flight 007 fame.

David used  2 stamps from the Sea Life Series of 2017.

My next card, from Germany, showcases Reichenau Island, an island in Lake Constance in southern Germany. The island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 because of its monastery, the Abbey of Reichenau, founded in the year 724. Nowadays the island is famous for its vegetable farms as is evident from the card. I hope the ladies make it safely to where they are going. Doesn't look like a lot of room for passengers.

Dominique used a stamp from the 2017 set of 2 Classic Cars. This stamp shows the Opel Manta A. Nice socked-on-the-nose cancel.

Here is another card from Hokkaido, Japan. This time it is Shiretoko, located in the north east of Hokkaido. The site is globally important for threatened seabirds and migratory birds. On the card you can see rare and endangered Steller's sea-eagles and white-tailed eagles. The Shiretoko Peninsula was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 2005.

On this card David used 2 of the 12 stamps in the Natural Monuments set of 2017. There are Flowers , Birds and Mammals in the set.

Next is a card from the Musee des Blindes ( Museum of Armoured Vehicles ) in Saumur, in the Lore Valley in France. It's one of the largest tank museums in the world.  On the card is an American M24 Chaffee or Light Tank used during World War II and the Korean War.

Dominique used a 1973 stamp called Heroes of World War II.

We're almost there- the end is in sight.

The last card for today is from Germany and shows the Intercity-Express or ICE, a high speed train in Germany. It has been operating since 1985.

This card is from a Postcrosser named Sven in Dusseldorf. He used the same Opel Manta A stamp that Dominique used on his earlier card.

So, that my friends is GemWorldPostcards for this time. Thanks for cards going out to David, Dominique and Sven.
Hoping to be back here again tomorrow. Take care.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Emirates Airbus A380

I'm back, a day or so later than I thought. Oh well, somethings are what they are, but I'm here now. I'll start today off with an Emirates Airbus A380, on a nice looking postcard. A great card for my Airline / Aircraft Postcard Collection.


A Postcrosser in Germany sent this card along. He used one of the common Flower definitives and a 2016 stamp commemorating the Sanssouci Palace, the summer palace of Frederick the Great.

Next card is a Philatelist's dream. A nice selection of old stamps. What more could a stamp collector ask for ? The card arrived from the Czech Republic, but there's no Czech Rep stamp there.

Lada used 3 stamps - one small, one medium size and one quite large. The small stamp is from 2012 and from the Architecture Series. The middle stamp shows Rabi Castle Ruins and was issued in 2015. The large stamp , from 1998, shows a painting by Jan Preisler.

I know I usually show more than 2 cards, but today, I'm a little pressed for time. Company is arriving any minute. Thanks for today's cards go to Lada and Mirko. Tale care and drop by again.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A 1904 New York Building, Hamburg Airport, Bremen and Guarding A Sound-Proof Stage

Hey, how's it going - Happy Sunday to you all. I'm back with a few cards again for this time. Let's start with the 1904 building under construction in New York City. On this card is a photo of the Times Building under construction. This is a vintage New York City photograph with streetcars and horse drawn carriages. Today the building or address has many names - One Times Square, 1475 Broadway, The New York Times Building and the Times Tower. It is a 25 story , 111 m skyscraper, looking much different today.  Much of the interior is vacant these days, but the exterior more than makes up for that. With a high number of billboards, it is considered one of the most valuable advertising locations in the word.  


Laura a Postcrosser from New York City used the 6th and latest round global forever stamp from the U.S.A. It features a green succulent plant called the Echeveria.

Hamburg Airport is the subject of today's second card. Known in German as Flughafen Hamburg, the airport is the fifth busiest airport in Germany. In 2016 it handled 16,220,000 passengers and 16,650 aircraft movements.

Jean Pierre's first stamp celebrates 1,000 years of Neunburg Vorm Wald as a city. His second stamp shows Naumburg Cathedral which dates back to the 13th century.

The UNESCO city of Bremen is featured next. Bremen's City Hall and the Statue of Roland were added to the World Heritage List in 2004.

Here Jean Pierre used one of the long running definitives and a 2017 stamp Commemorating Martin Luther's Theses.

The last card for today is from Finland. It shows a rather tough looking guard blocking the door on a sound-proof stage. Who's going to talk with her there ?
Not me !

Marita used a current year's stamp commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Lions Clubs International.

That's all for today, a little shorter that my usual. Thanks for cards today go out to Jean Pierre, Marita and Laura.  More to come in a day or two. Take care.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Stamp - Issuing Entity # 264, Romania, France and Russia

Hi again. Today I will lead off with a card , my first , from Kurdistan. Iraqi Kurdistan, officially called the Kurdistan Region by the Iraqi constitution, is located in the north of Iraq and constitutes the country's only autonomous region. Technically not a country, Kurdistan has its own government called the Kurdistan Regional Government and their stamps are issued under the name Kurdistan Region-Iraq. That's good enough for me. On my list of stamp issuing entities it's number 264 and I'm happy to have it in my collection.
The card shows the Citadel in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan.   At 7000 plus years old, the Citadel is one of the oldest continuously occupied human settlements. As of 2014 the Citadel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This is a card from David, who recently traveled through this area. Both stamps used are from this current year. On the left is one showing the First School in Erbil. The right stamp shows some of the Nature of Kurdistan.


Card # 2 for today arrived from Cluj in northwestern Romania. It is the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region. The city is equidistant from Bucharest, Budapest and Belgrade and incidentally has the best air quality in the European Union. Ana's card gives us a look at The Romanian Orthodox Cathedral which was built between 1921 and 1933.

Ana used a 2016 stamp from the set of 6 Brilliant Romanians. This stamp celebrates George Constantinescu, who was a scientist, engineer and inventor.


Here's a card portraying a memorial to General Charles de Gaulle in the form of a selection of newspaper headlines.

Dominique used a large 1974 stamp with a ARPHILA 75 tab attached. It shows a Painting of Cardinal Richelieu by Philippe de Champaigne.


Now it's the last card for this time. Bit of a whimsical card for all the hot air balloon enthusiasts out there. It's a Postcrossing card from Russia.

Alice sent this card from Tyumen, a city on the Tura River, 2,500 km east of Moscow. It  was the first Russian settlement in Siberia.
The large stamp that Alice used is from 2016 and celebrates The Battle of Moscow in 1941. It was a Joint Issue with Kazakhstan.

There you have it. The end of another update. I want to thank David, Ana , Dominique and Alice for their cards and thanks to all you reading . Be sure to drop by again.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Just Two Cards

Good Day to you all. I have just two cards to showcase today. One is from Spain and the other is from Thailand.
The card from Spain highlights the Plaza de Espana in Seville. The plaza was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. Measuring 50,000 square metres, the plaza is the size of five football pitches. The location has been used in a couple of movies, such as Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia.

Johan used 2 stamps on his card. On the left is a 2016 stamp celebrating the Spanish city of Jerez, the World Capital of Motorcycling. On the right is a large definitive from 2016 featuring the current King.

I don't normally mention anything written on the reverse of the cards I receive, but this time just a little. Johan wrote that he was melting , it was so hot. I checked the temperature in Seville for today - 42 C. Still hot . Unbearable !

The Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok is the cover subject of this next card. It was built in 1782 and is the city's most famous landmark.

Jobbo again used 3 great stamps on his card. On the left is a stamp from 1997, 1 of 4 in a Communication set. In the middle is 1 of 4 stamps issued to celebrate Thaipex 97, the Thailand Philatelic Exhibition. On the right is 1 of 5 stamps issued for National Children's  Day 2017.

Well that's it for this time. Hope you enjoyed the cards and stamps , compliments of Johan and Jobbo. Drop by again when you can.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

More of the Same 2 , to End off July

Yes I know it's now August, but I started this update yesterday, July 31 and had many technical problems. My scanner gave out , had to purchase a new one, hooked it up  , more problems and finally had to seek tech support from my son Stephen, late last night. I only got the pictures to load today, August 01. Sorry for any confusion regarding dates , etc. But as Jodi Foster said in the movie  Contact, " I'm good to go " .

Here I am again for the 8th time this month, yes July is passing into history. August moves in tomorrow.
As you might interpret from today's title, it more great cards and stamps.
Let's start the day off in Australia where it's actually tomorrow . This first card celebrates the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles. The Great Ocean Road is a 243 km stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. It is certainly one of the world's most scenic coastal drives. It was built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 and is dedicated to soldiers killed during World War I. It is therefore the world's largest war memorial.

The Twelve Apostles are the magnificent limestone stacks found along the famous Shipwreck Coast. Some of the stacks tower 70 metres above sea level.

Natalie used a recent stamp from a 2 stamp set commemorating 150 years since the birth of Henry Lawson , one of Australia's early literary greats.

Featured on card # 2 is a sunset at Huntington Beach Pier in California. The pier , at 1,850 ft in length is one of the longest piers on the west coat and is the most photographed spot in the town. The pier dates from 1904 and has seen surfing demonstrations by the legendary Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii. If I ever get to Huntington Beach, I'll be heading out to the end of the pier for a burger, fries and a milkshake at Ruby's Diner.

This card was a complete surprise. It's from Richard who wrote that he's a Big fan of my blog. Thanks Richard and welcome, it's good to know I still have a few readers out there. I hope you continue to enjoy GemsWorldPostcards. I'll try to keep it interesting.

Richard used 2 fine stamps. On the left , from 2013 is a beautiful Butterfly stamp. On the right is the new Total Solar Eclipse stamp.
This the first U.S. stamp to use thermochromic ink, which reacts to the heat of your touch. Placing your finger over the black disc on the stamp causes the ink to change from black to clear to reveal an underlying image on the moon. The image reverts back to black once it cools. The stamp uses a photograph taken by astrophysicist Fred Espenak of a total solar eclipse that was seen over Jalu, Libya on March 29, 2006.

The upcoming Total Eclipse of the Sun happens on August 21st. So if you happen to be in the path of it, be sure to wear protection for your eyes.

By the way, just so you know, when I held my finger over the black disc, it did change so I could see the underlying image of the moon.Then when it cooled , it went black again. Pretty cool !

As I mentioned in my last update, My Lovely Teena and I spent a few days in southern Alberta , at Writing-On-Stone. On the way , we stopped in the town of Claresholm for a couple of hours. Of course My Lovely Teena had to find a postcard for me. Here it is , an old photo of the town from 1907.

She used another of the Group of Seven themed ATM Post and Go stamps. This one shows an Emily Carr painting. It received a nice large, clear circular cancellation at the Claresholm Post Office.

One more postcard showing the hoodoos at Writing-On-Stone. Aisinai'pi as written on the bottom of the card is Blackfoot for " it is pictured/written " .

The Maple Leaf shaped stamp , issued for Canada's 150th birthday , commemorates Marriage Equality which became legal in Canada in 2005. Cancelled at Milk River.

It's on to Germany next. Dominique's card shows St Bartholomew's Church, a Roman Catholic church in the Berchtesgadner district of Bavaria. The church dates from 1697 and is located on the western shore of the Konigssee lake.

Dominique used the 2016 stamp showing Sachsische Schweiz or Saxon Switzerland in English. This is a hilly climbing area and National Park around the Elbe Valley in Saxony.

The Last Card . One more Writing-On-Stone card to highlight the Blackfoot presence in the area. The carvings and paintings in the area tell not only of the lives and journeys of those who created them, but also of the spirits they found here.

One more Maple Leaf Stamp. This one celebrates Nunavut, the largest, newest and northernmost territory of Canada. It was created on April 1, 1999.

That's it, the end. Hopefully it's been a good read. I've certainly enjoyed putting it up here. Thanks for today's cards go out to Natalie, Richard, My Lovely Teena, and Dominique.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

More of the Same -- Good Cards and Great Stamps

I'm back ! Here's a few more of the great cards received this past week or so. First up is a great card from Bangkok, Thailand. It's a fine view of Bangkok, The Loha Prasat and The Golden Mount.

As he always does Jobbo used a nice selection of stamps. On the left is a stamp from 1992, 1 of 4 in a set marking the 25th Anniversary of ASEAN.  The middle stamp is 1 in a 2001 set of 4 Parrots. The right stamp, again 1 in a set of 4 , issued in 2016 showing The Crown Prince , Cycling.

This next card is another for my Aircraft Postcard Collection. We can see an older propeller aircraft on the ramp at the States of Jersey Airport. The Airport opened in 1937. 

This is another card from Barbara who lives in The Netherlands, not in Jersey. All the stamps on her card are from 2004. On the left is one celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. The other 2 stamps celebrate Spyker, the Dutch Car manufacturer . Years ago they also built airplanes and aircraft engines in WW I.

My Lovely Teena and I recently spent a few days visiting Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, in southern Alberta. That's the subject of this next card. Writing-On-Stone is a sacred landscape. The spectacular Milk River Valley contains the largest concentration of First Nation petroglyphs ( rock carvings ) and pictographs ( rock paintings ) on the great plains of North America. The carvings and paintings were made by the ancestors of the Blackfoot.   
Also in the park are many hundreds of Sandstone Hoodoos all along the Milk River Valley and they are absolutely beautiful. 
Writing-On-Stone Park was created in 1957. It was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 and I feel sure it will make the list some day, it's just a matter of time . It was made a Canadian National Historic Site in 2005.  

As she always does when we go away, Teene sent this card to me. It shows some of the  many Hoodoos at Writing-On-Stone.  

Teena posted her card in Milk River, the nearest town to Writing-On-Stone. The stamp is a Group of Seven themed ATM Post and Go  issue from Canada Post.

If you will bear with me I would like to show a couple of pictures I took at Writing-On-Stone , showing some of the hoodoos and rock carvings.

 And a few of the rock carvings

Now let's jump from Milk River all the way over to France. It's the Tomb of General Charles de Gaulle , located in Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises. de Gaulle was leader of France's resistance to Nazi occupation during World War II and founder of the Fifth Republic. He served as France's president for a decade. He died in 1970.

Dominique used a 1966 stamp showing the 15th century Castle of Val.

Sadly it didn't receive any postmark or cancellation. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

On my next card is the Nieuwpoort pier, constructed in 1865. It has a length of 490 m and attracts many visitors. The Belgian coast on the North Sea is a favorite summer destination of many Belgians. 

A great stamp on this card from Gerda. Actually 2 great stamps. On the left is a stamp from a set of 10 issued in 2003. The set was called This is Belgium. The other great stamp is from the Endangered Animals set of 5 issued in 2016. I have received 4 of them now on cards from Gerda.  

Be sure to check out Gerda's excellent postcard blog called My Postcard-Page

Time now for the last card for this time. It's one more for my Airlines and Aircraft Collection. This time it's an Air Lib MD82 pictured at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2001. Not to be confused with the big Air France B747 in the background. 
The MD82 registered as F-GPZE with Air Lib was delivered  in 1984 and is now stored. 

Jean Pierre used a 2017 stamp commemorating the 100th Anniversary of America's entry into  World War I.

So ends another blog. Should squeeze one more in tomorrow to end July. I have 6 great cards all lined up for that one.

Thanks today going out to Jean Pierre, Gerda, Dominique, Barbara, Jobbo and My Lovely Teena. Take care .