Friday, June 15, 2018

More Great Cards and Stamps

Hey, I'm back again so soon after the last time Both arrived from Switzerland.. That's just the way it goes sometimes. I have lots of cards to show today, so let's get right to it.
It's always a good day when I can start with an airplane card. This one is a privately owned Stampe and Vertongen SV-4B. It was built in 1953 and is registered as OO-SV4 and seen on the ground at the small airport of Schaffen.

Johan used a private post stamp and cancellation on this card. It is a stamp from TBC-Post, a private postal company , operating in Belgium for 30 years. The date of 19-05-2018 is a First Day of Issue for this stamp.

Today's second card is also from Belgium, but via regular post this time. It's a look at Brugge, often called "The Venice of the North" .
It's one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns in Belgium. The historic city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And let's not forget Brugge and it's movie history.

Gerda used a number of stamps from past years on this card. On the left is a stamp from 2000. It is 1 of 20 in the Turn of A Century set. In the middle is 1 of 2 issued in 2009 featuring Famous Women of the Feminist Movement. She organized the first Women's Day in Belgium on 11 November 1972. The stamp on the right is from 2003 and is 1 of 10 in the This is Belgium set.

Next is a card from Israel - Masada in the Judean Desert. I like the look of this card -  a plane flying over Israel's largest flag. In the background is Masada, the ancient fortress in the Judean Desert. It's on a massive plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Built around 30 B.C. it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

Dominique used a stamp which I wrote about in my blog back on June 10th. I'll just show it this time.

Three more cards sent by David are next. One is from Tirana, Albania and the other 2 arrived from Bulgaria.
Let's start with the one from Tirana. It's a view of the city.

 David used 2 large stamps here. They were part of a set of 4 issued in 2017 showcasing Albanian National Crafts - Glass Works.

The first card from Bulgaria arrived from Plovdiv, an ancient city in southern Bulgaria. Featured on David's card is the Roman-era Ancient Theatre, which once seated over 6,000. It dates from he 2nd century.

I think the 2 stamps on this card are quite attractive,- maybe it's the colours I'm not sure. They were issued in a 2018 mini sheet of 2.
They are a Europa issue of Bridges.

Now for the second card from Bulgaria, this time from the capital Sofia. On this card you can see some of the local buildings, statues, etc.

The two stamps on this one are again from a Europa issue with 2 stamps in the mini-sheet.
The 2017 issue features Palaces and Castles.

I have just 2 more cards for today. Both are from Switzerland. Both are from Susanna. These are my first cards from her but hopefully there will be lots more. The first card is a Swissair card showing an airplane from around 1951. Looks like it could be a Douglas DC-6, but don't quote me on that.

Susanna used great stamps on this card, both issued in 2017. On the left is a rather large stamp featuring the Creux du Van, a natural rocky cirque 1,400 metres wide and 150 metres deep. On the right is a stamp featuring a Swiss Cow.

Susanna's second card shows the Bernina Express on the Brusio Circular Viaduct. The Bernina Express is the highest railway across the Alps. The train negotiates 55 tunnels, 196 bridges and many inclines. It's highest point is 2,253 metres above sea level. The Bernina Line and the Landscape it passes through became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

Again two stamps on this card. On the left is 1 of 2 in a 2017 set commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Schilthorn - Piz Bloria Cable Car System.
On the right , a 2017 Love stamp.

Well that`s all I have for today. Big thanks for today`s cards go out to Johan, Gerda, Dominique, David and Susanna. Busy weekend  coming up - Birthday, Father`s Day, Soccer and Baseball. Most likely won`t be back live until Monday.   Take care.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cards From Here, Cards From There

Good Day to you all . I'm back again with a few worthy cards. First , I'll start with a Postcrossing card from Germany. It's from Michael who lives in Monchengladbach.   His card gives us a great look at the Monchengladbach water tower. It was built between 1907 and 1909 in Art Nouveau style. It is 51 meters high and holds 3 million litres of water.

Michael used a Peanuts themed stamp from this year. It is 1 of 2 in the set.

France is up next. Jean Pierre's card shows just a very small segment of the Bayeux Tapestry. This is an embroidered cloth nearly 70 metres long and 50 centimetres tall. It depicts events leading up to the Norman conquest of Britain. It is thought to date from the 11th century. It tells the story from the point of view of the conquering Normans. In 2022 the tapestry will be loaned to Britain , for public display, the first time that it will have left France in 950 years.

Jean Pierre used a 2018 stamp featuring Learther Art.

My next card is the the U.S.A. It's a look at a scene from 1936 of workers embossing braille on presses at the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kathy , whose husband works at this printing house, sent this card. She used 2 recent Forever stamps.  They are 2 of 10 in the Bio luminescent Life set.

Luxembourg Airport is the focus of the next card. In 2015 the airport handled 2.6 million passengers. Luxair and Cargolux both have their head offices on the airport property.

Meelis used a fine selection of stamps. On the right is 2 stamps, ( I at first thought it 1 stamp ) from a 2009 set of 3 highlighting Flying. The middle stamp was issue din 205 , 1 of 3 showcasing Vegetables. The left stamp shows Crown-Duke Henri.

Here's the last card for this time and it's from Spain. It shows the town of Llivia  with a population of just over 1,500 and is located in Catalonia, Spain. It is a Spanish enclave separated from the rest of Spin by a corridor about 1.6 km wide.

Thanks for this card go to Josep and Assumpta, who used 2 stamps from 2017. On the left is a stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vicente Blasco Ibanez, journalist, politician and novelist. On the right a stamp celebrating the Liebana Jubilee.

 There it is, another update . Thanks for cards this time go out to Michael, Jean Pierre, Kathy, Meelis and Josep & Assumpta. Great cards and great stamp.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dominique's and David's Cards

Hello there, today I'm featuring cards sent by Dominique and David. Dominique's arrived from France and Israel, while David's are from Serbia and Kosovo.

This first card shows a scene inside the Museum of Iron Mining in Lorraine. The Newfchef Museum offers guided tours by former miners and allows visitors to walk along a mine long cave or tunnel.

Dominique used an old 1971 Airmail stamp featuring Didier Daurat and Raymond Vanier. Both were pioneers of French Aviation.

Here's the first of 2 cards from Israel. It's a look at Ha' Dakel House, built in 1922.

The stamp on this one was issued in 2016, 1 of 3 in a set, called Yom Kippur Poems.

Another one from Israel. This one shows the Bahai Shrine and gardens in Haifa where the remains of Bab, founder of the Baha'i Faith have been buried.

Dominique used a new 2018 stamp on this card. It celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the HaChizbatron. This musical troupe was the official army entertainment troupe.

Sorry but I didn't realize this stamp was wrong side up till now.

Aix-En-Provence is the subject of my next card. This city in southern France is the birthplace of Paul Cezanne and dates back to 123 BC. Shown on the card is the Cours Mirabeau, a wide thoroughfare  of trees and fountains , bordered with fine homes.

The stamp on this one was issued in 2015 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of The Cross of War Military Decoration.

Now it's time for David's cards. This first one shows the New Bridge in Mitrovica, a city of about 85,000. The city is one of the oldest known settlements in Kosovo. The bridge is also called Mitrovica Bridge or the Ibar River Bridge. It's a steel truss bridge crossing the Ibar River in Mitrovica, in northern Kosovo. The bridge provides a de facto border between the northern Serbian enclaves and the rest of Kosovo.

This one arrived with 3 Serbian stamps issued in a set of 4 in 2016. It features UNESCO World Heritage Serbian Monasteries.

Now I don't get into a lot of politics here on the blog but I think a little explanation might be needed here as to why Serbian stamps were used. I hope I get it right, don't want to stir the pot. The bridge separates 80,000 Kosovo Albanians on the South side from about the same number of Serbs on the North side. There are Serbian Post Offices in the Serbian enclaves in Kosovo. Since Serbia does not recognize Kosovo, Serbian stamps are used and the post offices in the Serb areas are run by Serbia Post.

David's next card is from Pristina, the capital and largest city in Kosovo. It has a population of just over 477,000. The card shows some of the modern building in the city.

The stamp on this card is from 2017. It is 1 of 4 in a Architecture - Monumental Art mini-sheet.

Here's David's 3rd card. This one is from the city of Prizren  in southern Kosovo. This city of 85,000 is located on the banks of Prizren Bistrica River in southern Kosovo. On the card we can see The Old Stone Bridge, a section of Old Town and The Sinan Pasha Mosque, an Ottoman mosque built in 1615.

A Bird of Kosovo stamp , from a set of 6 issued this year, can be seen here. A great stamp and set for all the Topical Bird collectors out there.

Big thanks to Dominique and David for all these cards. That's all I have for this time. More next time.
Take care.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Card # 5,000 and .... The Winner Is

Good day to you all. Well it's here -- Card # 5,000 arrived yesterday, and I do have a winner to my little contest. The correct country was guessed by Gerda from Belgium. Congratulations to you Gerda . My 5,000th card arrived from Italy. On it we can see the Rialto Bridge across The Grand Canal in Venice. The Rialto is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the canal. It was constructed between 1588 and 1591.

Believe it or not , My Lovely Teena sent this card, never knowing it might end up being #5,000. Now the stamps - on the left is a stamp highlighting the Navy School in Venice. It was issued in 2002. The top right stamp, issued in 2017, commemorates 150 Years of the daily Italian newspaper La Stampa. The bottom right stamp, issued in 2016 shows Alghero Red Coral.

Take note of the nice cancellation - The Horses of San Marco.

Gerda , when you are ready just drop me a comment or email , letting me know whether you want the Canada 150 pane of 10 or the Toronto Maple Leafs souvenir sheet.

Thanks to My Lovely Teena for sending this card and thanks to all who entered the contest.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Contest Update

Hello again , I'm back with a little update on my contest. I just received postcard number 4,999 so the next one received is the big # 5,000. So far I have had 5 entries guessing a total of 8 countries. So there's lots of countries still available to chose. So get your thinking hats on and pick a country and maybe win a great prize. For all the rules see my June 1st blog update. I'm pretty sure # 5,000 will make an appearance before the end of the week. I won't reveal where it came from until after Friday , as that's how long you have left to get your entry in via a comment. Come on Ana, Leslie, Jean Pierre, David, Johan, Ravindra, Bruce, Meelis, Dominique, Jobbo, Carla, Mike & Ashley and Josep & Assumpta , Barbara and Gordon. I'm expecting all you guys and gals to leave a comment with your entry.   

A Bunch of Good Cards

It's time for another update. I have a great bunch of cards, don't know how many will make it into the light here today. We'll see how it goes.
Let's start with a little reminder of my contest. You can win a great prize. Check out the contest and rules in the update right before this one. I have 5 entries so it's a go. Still lots of countries available to chose .
Now for today's cards. First up is this card from El Salvador. Not a country you find a card from in your mailbox often, at least not me. This is just my third from this Central America country. The two kids seem to be enjoying their ride along the Jaltepeque estuary in the tourist area know as the Costa del Sol. It's a natural habitat for a large number of shorebirds and a variety of marine mollusks.

This is a Postcrossing card from a country that has only 23 members , of which 4 or 5 are actually active. So it's pretty special
Lynet used 3 copies of a 2016 stamp celebrating Ernesto Antonio Claramount Roseville.

Next is a card from Windsor , England. We all know there was a recent Royal Wedding, but this card celebrates the Royal Wedding  back in April 2011. It was William and Catherine , the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that time.


I don't know the sender of this card , someone calling themselves Lone Wander. He or she used a Worldwide , up to 20g Machin Post & Go Label.

The Raffles Hotel in Singapore is featured on this next card. Built in 1887 and named after the father of modern Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, the hotel is the state's most cherished hotel. The hotel's first guest was author Joseph Conrad. Another author Rudyard Kipling once described the hotel " as a place where the food is excellent and the rooms are bad " . If you intend to book in there any time soon, remember the Singapore Slings cost close to $30.

Jobbo used a couple of large stamps on this one. On the left is a stamp issued in 2004. It is 1 of 8 in a set called National Holidays - Monuments. Shown on the stamp is Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. The set was issued for National Day 2004. The right stamps is from 2015 and it commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Singapore Independence in 1965.

The next two cards are definitely surprises. The first one arrived from Antarctica - the Chile Antarctica Base Eduardo Frei. On it we see two Gentoo Penguins . They are fantastic divers and can reach depths of more than 100 metres. They usually live in small colonies and are known being fairly timid. They can be found throughout the Antarctic Peninsula and sub-Antarctic Islands.

Someone named Leslie sent this card to me. I don't know her and didn't know it was coming, but I'm certainly glad she sent it.  Leslie used a 2015 Chile stamp featuring Easter Island. The stamp received the Antarctica Chile postmark and the card was then sent back to Punta Arenas for a date stamp on April 18, 2018.

The second surprise of a card is from Nepal. Another place one doesn't get many cards from . This one is from Sara who wrote that she accidentally came across this blog. I'm certainly glad she did. Sara's card show us what Mt. Everest looks like from Kala Patthar. It's a great card with a full moon rising over the 8,850 m Mt. Everest.

Sara used a stamp from 2013 - 1 of a set of 4 showing Plants.

My next card is one from a Postcrossing Meetup in Genoa, Italy on 20 May 2018. Specifically it's from Carla , but also signed by 6 other Postcrossing members.  Carla and I swap cards from time to time.

 Carla's stamp is 1 of 4 in a 2015 set called Jubilee of Mercy.

A Mountain Gorilla from Rwanda is featured on this next card. THey can be found in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. As their name implies they live at elevations of 8,000 to 13,000 feet . During the last couple of years their numbers have increased from 880 to over 1,000. Hopefully that upward trend can continue.

Bruce used a 2010 stamp, from a Folklore set of 4.

So ends another update. Thanks for cards today go out to Bruce, Carla, Sara, Leslie, Jobbo, Lone Wander, and Lynet. All great cards from great places.
See you again soon.