Sunday, July 30, 2017

More of the Same -- Good Cards and Great Stamps

I'm back ! Here's a few more of the great cards received this past week or so. First up is a great card from Bangkok, Thailand. It's a fine view of Bangkok, The Loha Prasat and The Golden Mount.

As he always does Jobbo used a nice selection of stamps. On the left is a stamp from 1992, 1 of 4 in a set marking the 25th Anniversary of ASEAN.  The middle stamp is 1 in a 2001 set of 4 Parrots. The right stamp, again 1 in a set of 4 , issued in 2016 showing The Crown Prince , Cycling.

This next card is another for my Aircraft Postcard Collection. We can see an older propeller aircraft on the ramp at the States of Jersey Airport. The Airport opened in 1937. 

This is another card from Barbara who lives in The Netherlands, not in Jersey. All the stamps on her card are from 2004. On the left is one celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. The other 2 stamps celebrate Spyker, the Dutch Car manufacturer . Years ago they also built airplanes and aircraft engines in WW I.

My Lovely Teena and I recently spent a few days visiting Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, in southern Alberta. That's the subject of this next card. Writing-On-Stone is a sacred landscape. The spectacular Milk River Valley contains the largest concentration of First Nation petroglyphs ( rock carvings ) and pictographs ( rock paintings ) on the great plains of North America. The carvings and paintings were made by the ancestors of the Blackfoot.   
Also in the park are many hundreds of Sandstone Hoodoos all along the Milk River Valley and they are absolutely beautiful. 
Writing-On-Stone Park was created in 1957. It was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 and I feel sure it will make the list some day, it's just a matter of time . It was made a Canadian National Historic Site in 2005.  

As she always does when we go away, Teene sent this card to me. It shows some of the  many Hoodoos at Writing-On-Stone.  

Teena posted her card in Milk River, the nearest town to Writing-On-Stone. The stamp is a Group of Seven themed ATM Post and Go  issue from Canada Post.

If you will bear with me I would like to show a couple of pictures I took at Writing-On-Stone , showing some of the hoodoos and rock carvings.

 And a few of the rock carvings

Now let's jump from Milk River all the way over to France. It's the Tomb of General Charles de Gaulle , located in Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises. de Gaulle was leader of France's resistance to Nazi occupation during World War II and founder of the Fifth Republic. He served as France's president for a decade. He died in 1970.

Dominique used a 1966 stamp showing the 15th century Castle of Val.

Sadly it didn't receive any postmark or cancellation. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

On my next card is the Nieuwpoort pier, constructed in 1865. It has a length of 490 m and attracts many visitors. The Belgian coast on the North Sea is a favorite summer destination of many Belgians. 

A great stamp on this card from Gerda. Actually 2 great stamps. On the left is a stamp from a set of 10 issued in 2003. The set was called This is Belgium. The other great stamp is from the Endangered Animals set of 5 issued in 2016. I have received 4 of them now on cards from Gerda.  

Be sure to check out Gerda's excellent postcard blog called My Postcard-Page

Time now for the last card for this time. It's one more for my Airlines and Aircraft Collection. This time it's an Air Lib MD82 pictured at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2001. Not to be confused with the big Air France B747 in the background. 
The MD82 registered as F-GPZE with Air Lib was delivered  in 1984 and is now stored. 

Jean Pierre used a 2017 stamp commemorating the 100th Anniversary of America's entry into  World War I.

So ends another blog. Should squeeze one more in tomorrow to end July. I have 6 great cards all lined up for that one.

Thanks today going out to Jean Pierre, Gerda, Dominique, Barbara, Jobbo and My Lovely Teena. Take care . 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Gustav Klimt, Chiufen, AirExplore, Butlin's Camp and AirFrance Regional

Hello again, I'm here with a few cards to have a look at again. They arrived from France, Great Britain, Czech Rep, Taiwan and Germany. I'll start with Gustav Klimt. The card shows his 1902 painting " Hymn to Joy Detail from Bethoven Friezze " .


Kurt, a Postcrosser from Munster sent this card. He used a 2017 stamp , 1 of 2  in the Classical Cars set. Shown is a 1976 VW Golf.

A Taiwan card is next. It's a view of Chiufen, a mountain area in Ruifang District, New Taipei, Taiwan. The city used to be a gold mining center but now is a popular tourist area . It features an old street full of food vendors, specialty stores, museums, parks and tea houses. The name Chiufen comes from a legend where nine families lived in the village. The lack of transportation made trips to the market difficult. Therefore when one family went grocery shopping, the purchases would be divided into nine parts, one for each family. Chiufen literally means nine pieces in Mandarine.

Chris used a Fruit Bearing Tree stamp.

The newest addition to my Airlines and Aircraft Postcard collection is AirExplore, a Slovak airline based at Bratislava Airport. This aircraft , a Boeing 737 had its first flight in 1992. It is pictured at Brno in 2010. Seen on the postcard as OM-AEX, it has flown under many airline names - Air Berlin, JetairFly, Monarch Airlines, Palau Airways, RyanAir and a few others. It is currently flying for AlbaStar and registered as EC-MFS.

Patrik sent this card from the city of Opava in Czech Rep. He used a couple of the St Wenzel stamps from 2012.

Today's 4th card is from the U.K. It shows a 1937 holiday poster, advertising Butlin's Holiday Camp. Butlins operated a chain of holiday camps , the largest of which opened in Skegness in 1936. Each chalet had electricity and cold running water.

Catherine used a 2017 stamp from the set of 6 Windmills and Watermills. Shown is Cheddleton Flint Mill.

For those of you still reading, here's the last card for today. Another Airlines / Aircraft postcard. THis one is an AirFrance Regional Embraer ERJ-170 , registered as F-HBXH. This airplane's first flight was in Feb of 2010. It is now operated in HOP! livery, another AirFrance regional.

Jean Pierre used a new 2017 stamp marking the 100th Anniversary of the entry of the United States into World War I.

There you have it, the end for today. Big thanks for cards going out to Kurt, Chris, Patrik, Catherine and Jean Pierre. Thanks for dropping in and I'll do it all again soon, so come back again.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Card # 4600 and More Than A Week Ago

Yes, it's been over a week since my last update. I could hardly believe it when I looked today. I was away for 3 days so I'll blame it somewhat on that.
So now it's on to the cards . It's a nice selection of cards and stamps for today.
Let's start things off with an Aviation themed card from Malaysia. A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, the smaller of the B777s.

Jean Pierre used an Aviation Stamp from 2014 on this card. It is 1 of 4 celebrating the opening of Klia2 , the newest Malaysia Airport serving Kuala Lumpur . Interesting fact : it's air traffic control tower is 141.3 m high , the tallest in the world.

A note regarding this card. It is the 4,600th postcard that I have received since I started collecting. I'm impressed, I never imagined it would take off  like it has.

My next card shows La Barrosa, the Spanish beach in Chiclana, in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia. The 8 km beach is one of the best beaches in Europe.

This card is compliments of Johan. He used 2 stamps from 2016. On the left is a stamp showing King Felipe VI, 1 of 4 in the set. On the right is 1 of 2 stamps issued for the Disello Stamp Design Competition.

Don't forget to check out Johan's postcard Blog.

Now it's back to Malaysia one more time. Here we see Christ Church in Melaka, Malaysia. The city is 148 km SE of Kuala Lumpur and its historical city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since June of 2008.  The Church shown on the card was built in 1753 and is the oldest functioning Protestant Church in the country.

Jobbo used a stamp from 2016. It celebrates World Post Day , October 9, 2016

Now , one more card from Asia, the beautiful island of Bali to be exact. Jean Pierre's card shows us Lake and Mount Batur, along with the resort , Kintamani.

Lots of stamps on this one. The 2 smaller stamps on the left are from a set of 34 Orchids issued in 2017. They commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Bogor Botanic Gardens. The 2 larger stamps on the right are from a really nice set of 6, issued in 2015 to mark The Chinese New Year - Year of the Ram.

Here's the last card of the day. From looking at the card, one would think it's from Windsor, Canada - but such is not the case. It's from Detroit, Michigan, USA. On the card is the Ambassador Bridge - the longest international bridge, connecting the 2 cities .

This is a PostCrossing card from Marc. He used the Additional Ounce Penguin stamp from 2015, a U.S. Flag Forever stamp from 2017 and the latest John Kennedy stamp from 2017.
Now if you look closely at the flag stamp, you will notice it is upside down. I don't very often mention anything that is written on my postcards, but this time will be an exception.
Marc wrote " I've been flying the flag upside down ( a military distress signal ) ever since our current President took office " .
I don't know if he meant on a flagpole at his home or just the stamp on cards he sends out. I understand his point but I could never do it.

Time to clue up here. Thanks for cards today going out to Jean Pierre, Johan, Jobbo and Marc. Thanks for dropping in and we'll see you back here soon. Take care.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Cards From Three Continents

Hello again. As mentioned in the post title, I have cards from Asia, Europe and South America to have a look at today. Let's start with The Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.
Nuwara Eliya is a city in the tea country of central Sri Lanka. It is considered the most important location for tea production in the country. The Grand Hotel is a 154 room luxury hotel in the city. It is built in the style of an Elizabethan-era manor house. In 2012 National Geographic Traveler listed The Grand Hotel as one of six places to visit in all of Sri Lanka.

Ravindra used a couple of fine stamps, three in fact , on his card. The top left stamp is from 2014 and celebrates Deyata Kirula. The stamp on the right celebrates the 160th Anniversary of the First Postage Stamp of Sri Lanka. Then there's the overprinted Orion stamp towards the bottom.

Next is the latest addition to my Airline / Airplane cards collection. A Deutche BA Fokker 100 - registered as D-ADFD.
Deutche BA was a lowc-cost airline headquartered on the grounds of Munich Airport. It operated from 1992 to 2008. This aircraft D-ADFD had its first flight on Jube 21, 1991. It later operated as F-GNLJ for Air Liberte in 1997, CCM Airlines in 2001 and Regional CAE in 2005. It has been stored since August of 2010.

Martin used a 2016 Tourism stamp , 1 of 2 in a set showcasing Germany's Most Beautiful Panoramas.

Now it's back to Asia and Bali, Indonesia. With a population of 4.25 million , the island is a popular tourist attraction. Just this past March, TripAdvisor named Bali the world's top destination. Bali has many nicknames - Island of Gods, Island of Peace, Morning of the World and Island of Love. Bali is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Subak Irrigation System.
Jean Pierre's card shows the 18th century Kerta Gosa Pavilion.

The stamps are 2 of 4 in a 2017 Set of Wonderful Tourism Destinations of Indonesia.

It's off to South America for this next card - Campos do Jordao, Brazil in fact. A little paradise in the mountains of the Sierra da Mantiqueira. At 5,340 feet, the highest city in Brazil, Campos do Jordao is known as the Brazilian Switzerland.

This card is from my brother Dale who frequently spends months at a time in Brazil. He's back in Canada now though. Dale used a number of the smaller Brazilian stamps from 2005, 2011 and 2015.

The last card for today takes us back to Asia for one last time. It features the Library of Wuhan University in the sprawling capital of Central China's Hubei Province. Wuhan is a great city for tourists. Lot of attractions such as The Bund, Riverside Park-the world's longest river side park, Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum - containing the Marquis Y's bells, East Lake and the Mao Flood Memorial.

Just so you know, the East lake mentioned is not to be confused with the East Lake adjacent to where I live. My East Lake can be seen on my other blog called " My Look at East Lake " . You can see it right  here .
Time for a little fun - The first reader who visits My Look at East Lake and leaves a comment of some kind about my East Lake will win a postcard with a great stamp or maybe great stamps.  

Ivy who attends Wuhan University used a wonderful stamp from 2014 showing Zhuge Liang.

Well another blog update comes to an end. Thanks for today's cards go out to Ravindra, Martin, Jean Pierre, my brother Dale and Ivy. I hope you all enjoyed today's cards and stamps and you'll find time to return soon. Take care.