Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cards, Cards, Cards

Good day to you, it's been over a week since I was last here. I have no good excuse other than I just never got to it. Be that as it may , I have lots of cards on the desk in front of me now, fifteen or so, so let's get to it. I certainly won't get through them all, so it's one card at a time starting with this one.

It's from Maribor, Slovenia - the second largest city in the country. The city of just over 95,000 is located on the Drava River. It is also the home of the oldest vine in the world at more than 400 years. Just so you know ! 

I have Ana to thank for this card. It was written on December 31st, 2017 and it looks to me like it received a New Year's cancellation. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Ana used a Bird definitive from 2015, 1 of 5 in a set.

Ana has a fine postcard blog called " My World of Postcards and Travel " . You won't go wrong by checking it out . Her blog was on somewhat of an extended hiatus but she's back again , so be sure to check in from time to time.

Today's second card is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. It showcases the remains of the walls of a Buddhist image house in Polonnaruwa. The columns  rise to a height of 17 m.

Ravindra used 2 stamps on his card. On the top is 1 of a set of 20 issued in 2017 for United Nations Day of Vesak. The lower stamp , also from 2017, honours D.B. Dhanapala ( 1905-1972) - journalist & author.

Ravindra too , has a blog  - it's called " Discover the World on Trains " .

Did someone mention Aviation themed cards ? It seems I often have one to put up here. This time it's an Airspeed Consul which Singapore Airlines operated back when. The card celebrates Singapore Airlines 50th Anniversary, 1947-1997.

Jean Pierre used a 2017 stamp , 1 of 4 in a set of Wedding Jewelry.

Opps, another Aviation card. This one was put out by the French Post and showcases Aeropostale , an early aviation company which operated from 1918 to 1933. It was founded in Toulouse, France but by 1931 it was experiencing financial difficulties and its assets were taken over by Air France in 1933.

This is a card from Dominique and it arrived with a special preprinted stamp to match the front of the card.

My next card is from Thailand, compliments of Jobbo. It's the Golden Mount or Wat Saket. The temple is located in Bangkok and dates back to the Ayutthaya era ( 1350-1767). You'll find it in the heart of the city near the Grand Palace.

WE have 2 stamps on this card and both were issued in 2017. On the left is a definitive Thai Pavilion stamp . It is from a set of 9.
On the right, 1 of 6 issued in a set celebrating the Royal Cremation Ceremonyof His Majesty 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Netherlands, Indonesia and Russia

Yes I'm back again. It's still a little cold today ,  -19 C and a windchill of  -26 C . Looking at a plus 4 C tomorrow , so all is good.
Today I have 3 cards from 3 countries. First up is this great card from Netherlands and who needs a Christmas tree with hair like this. The card shows a model with a 1963 hair style by the famous Paris hair dresser Molinario.

This is a card from Barbara, we've swapped cards many times. She used all Christmas stamps , the one on the left is from 2010 and the other two are from 2008.

Today's second card is from Bali, Indonesia. It's another card from Jean Pierre, this one showing the famous , terraced rice fields of Bali.

The stamps on this card are all from 2017. The larger one on the right is from a set of 2 issued for Environmental Protection. I wasn't able to locate any info on the other 2.

Today's final card is from Moscow, Russia. It's a Postcrossing card called " Letter for a Friend " .

I thank Polina for her card,  but ----how many more of those Moscow architecture stamps are left ? I've certainly got enough of them. These 3 are the last ones you will see on GemsWorldPostcards.

Sorry Polina, I understand that  many people take what the post office person hands out, but there are many wonderful, and beautiful stamps that have been issued by Russia over the last number of years.  There it is , my first rant for 2018. A short one today, but I'm sure there  will be others .

Thanks Barbara, Jean Pierre and Polina for your cards. Take care all and I'll be back here next week after I find a few cards in the mailbox.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Few More Early 2018 Cards

Hello again, from cold Airdrie. Yes the last few days have been quite cold. When I got up this morning it was -29 C and with the windchill it was -34 C. The last few days have been like that. It's due to warm up in a couple days, so that will be good. Now it's on to postcards, a nice indoor activity, especially on these cold days.

I have three cards for today. Let's start with Ravindra's card from Colombo, Sri Lanka , showing a Vatadage-  a circular relic shrine at Polonnaruwa. Only 10 of these vatadages now exist in Sri Lanka. Often the builders and construction dates aare unknown. This ine is thought to have been built sometime between 1055 and 1293. The vatadage here at Polonnaruwa is the best example of  the 10 remaining in the country.

Ravindra used a fine selction of stamps on his card. On the left, 2014, a stamp honouring H.Sri Nissanka. The long stamp at the top was issued in 2017, marking the 100th Anniversary of Fort Colombo Railway Station. The last stamp is from a set of 6 issued in 2014 celebrating the Nation Park Pigeon Island.

My second card is from Austria and was sent by Ana. It's an Aviation themed card showing Graz International Airport in southern Austria. 

 Ana useda wonderful single stamp souvenir sheet from Austria. It was issued in 2017 on the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Maria Theresa. Apparently Austria thinks it correct to commemorate the birth of an individual and not the death of that person. I couldn't agree more. The stamp is also a Joint Issue with Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Ukraine. All five would make a nice collection.

Here's the last card for this time. It's a Postcrossing card that arrived from Wschowa, Poland. It's not Poland we see on the front, but the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, and I'm going to see it up close in May. Yes, Croatia, Greece and Italy make up my next trip.

Monika used a 2017 stamp showcasing World Day of the Sick 2017.

So ends another blog update. Thanks for cards today go to Ravindra, Ana and Monika. See you next time.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The First Cards of 2018

Hello everyone, I know we are already a week into this year, so it's certainly time for a gemsworldpostcards update. I was actually waiting for a few cards to arrive - after this past week, I have received just two. They will be the focus of today's update.

Here's the first card that I received in 2018. It's from Thailand and was sent by Jobbo.  It's a parade of some sort, with lots of fancy dress uniforms.

Jobbo used 3 stamps as he almost always does. On the left is a stamp from 2008 , featuring Chatukham Rammathep or Thai Amulet. The other 2 stamps , from 2017 , are 2 of 3 in a set commemorating The Royal Cremation Ceremony of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 1927-2016.

Next up is the second card received in 2018. This one is from France and features Chateau de Chambord, located in Chambord in the Loire Valley in France. Built between 1519 and 1547, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1981. The chateau has great size with more than 400 rooms, more than 80 staircases, 365 fireplaces and many high towers.

Dominique used a stamp from 2016 commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Edmond Locard, 1877-1966. Just another stamp commemorating the anniversary of someone's death, not their life . As you can see, I'm still on that kick .  See my blog of November 27, 2017 for another !

There you have it, the first blog of this current year. Thanks for today's cards go to Jobbo and Dominique. By the way, a belated Happy Birthday to you Dominique. See you again soon, when I have a few more cards to show. Take care now.