Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Few More Early 2018 Cards

Hello again, from cold Airdrie. Yes the last few days have been quite cold. When I got up this morning it was -29 C and with the windchill it was -34 C. The last few days have been like that. It's due to warm up in a couple days, so that will be good. Now it's on to postcards, a nice indoor activity, especially on these cold days.

I have three cards for today. Let's start with Ravindra's card from Colombo, Sri Lanka , showing a Vatadage-  a circular relic shrine at Polonnaruwa. Only 10 of these vatadages now exist in Sri Lanka. Often the builders and construction dates are unknown. This one is thought to have been built sometime between 1055 and 1293. The vatadage here at Polonnaruwa is the best example of  the 10 remaining in the country.

Ravindra used a fine selction of stamps on his card. On the left, 2014, a stamp honouring H.Sri Nissanka. The long stamp at the top was issued in 2017, marking the 100th Anniversary of Fort Colombo Railway Station. The last stamp is from a set of 6 issued in 2014 celebrating the National Park Pigeon Island.

My second card is from Austria and was sent by Ana. It's an Aviation themed card showing Graz International Airport in southern Austria.

 Ana used a wonderful single stamp souvenir sheet from Austria. It was issued in 2017 on the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Maria Theresa. Apparently Austria thinks it correct to commemorate the birth of an individual and not the death of that person. I couldn't agree more. The stamp is also a Joint Issue with Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Ukraine. All five would make a nice collection.

Here's the last card for this time. It's a Postcrossing card that arrived from Wschowa, Poland. It's not Poland we see on the front, but the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, and I'm going to see it up close in May. Yes, Croatia, Greece and Italy make up my next trip.

Monika used a 2017 stamp showcasing World Day of the Sick 2017.

So ends another blog update. Thanks for cards today go to Ravindra, Ana and Monika. See you next time.

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