Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hong Kong, Finland, Myanmar, Lithuania and Hong Kong again

Hello there , it's good to have you drop by again. I guess you want to see what postcards I have on the go today. My first is a square postcard, and I actually haven't received many of this shape. This one is from Hong Kong.

Jean Pierre posted this card at the General Post Office and used 2 stamps from 2017. They are from a set of 6 featuring the Qipao Fashion.

My second card for today is from Finland. It shows Aksel Gallen Kallela's painting Saunassa. It's an oil painting from 1889. Gallen-Kallela  gave the work away as he didn't like it and even thought it was unfinished, even though he painted it.

This is a PostCrossing card from Carita who lives in the town of Terjarv in Western Finland. We have 2 stamps from last year on this one. On the left is a Bird stamp from a set of 4 . On the right , 1 of 6 celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Finland's Independence from Russia in 1917.

A card from Myanmar is next. It's Kyaiktiyo Pagoda atop the Golden Rock - a huge granite boulder covered with gold leaves pasted on it. The area is a well known Buddhist pilgrimage site but the balancing rock seems to defy gravity. I know  I wouldn't stand below it.

The stamp on the left was issued in 2015 for an ASEAN Joint Issue. The larger stamp on the right , from 2012, is 1 of 2 celebrating the 2nd Telsom-ATRA Leaders Retreat.

This next card has been on the go quite awhile. First it is a Maximum Card issued in Kaunas , Lithuania in 2003. A glider card with a Glider Stamp. 

Birute , who lives in Merkine, added a 2016 stamp issued for the Rio Olympics and sent this card mistakenly to my old Parksville address. This was back on Sept 21 of last year. Then it got marked as " Moved , Not At This P.O. Box " and was returned to Merkine on Nov 7th , 2017. I guess my question is How ? There is no return name or address, but Merkine is a small town of just over 1,200 people , so maybe Birute is known as The Postcard Lady or something along that line.  The end result is that I received it here in Airdrie last week, allbeit this time in an envelope.

Now it's time for the last card.  I opened today with a card sent by Jean Pierre and that's how I end off today, another card sent by Jean Pierre from Hong Kong. This one is a collector card issued by Virgin Atlantic showcasing service To and From Hong Kong.

And it's another of the Qipao Fashion Stamps.

There you have  it, another one in the books. Thanks for cards today go out to Jean Pierre, Carita, Jobbo, Birute and Jean Pierre again. Take care everybody  - leave a comment , if you dare !

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