Friday, July 28, 2017

Gustav Klimt, Chiufen, AirExplore, Butlin's Camp and AirFrance Regional

Hello again, I'm here with a few cards to have a look at again. They arrived from France, Great Britain, Czech Rep, Taiwan and Germany. I'll start with Gustav Klimt. The card shows his 1902 painting " Hymn to Joy Detail from Bethoven Friezze " .


Kurt, a Postcrosser from Munster sent this card. He used a 2017 stamp , 1 of 2  in the Classical Cars set. Shown is a 1976 VW Golf.

A Taiwan card is next. It's a view of Chiufen, a mountain area in Ruifang District, New Taipei, Taiwan. The city used to be a gold mining center but now is a popular tourist area . It features an old street full of food vendors, specialty stores, museums, parks and tea houses. The name Chiufen comes from a legend where nine families lived in the village. The lack of transportation made trips to the market difficult. Therefore when one family went grocery shopping, the purchases would be divided into nine parts, one for each family. Chiufen literally means nine pieces in Mandarine.

Chris used a Fruit Bearing Tree stamp.

The newest addition to my Airlines and Aircraft Postcard collection is AirExplore, a Slovak airline based at Bratislava Airport. This aircraft , a Boeing 737 had its first flight in 1992. It is pictured at Brno in 2010. Seen on the postcard as OM-AEX, it has flown under many airline names - Air Berlin, JetairFly, Monarch Airlines, Palau Airways, RyanAir and a few others. It is currently flying for AlbaStar and registered as EC-MFS.

Patrik sent this card from the city of Opava in Czech Rep. He used a couple of the St Wenzel stamps from 2012.

Today's 4th card is from the U.K. It shows a 1937 holiday poster, advertising Butlin's Holiday Camp. Butlins operated a chain of holiday camps , the largest of which opened in Skegness in 1936. Each chalet had electricity and cold running water.

Catherine used a 2017 stamp from the set of 6 Windmills and Watermills. Shown is Cheddleton Flint Mill.

For those of you still reading, here's the last card for today. Another Airlines / Aircraft postcard. THis one is an AirFrance Regional Embraer ERJ-170 , registered as F-HBXH. This airplane's first flight was in Feb of 2010. It is now operated in HOP! livery, another AirFrance regional.

Jean Pierre used a new 2017 stamp marking the 100th Anniversary of the entry of the United States into World War I.

There you have it, the end for today. Big thanks for cards going out to Kurt, Chris, Patrik, Catherine and Jean Pierre. Thanks for dropping in and I'll do it all again soon, so come back again.

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