Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Country #205- Nevis

I received just one postcard yesterday. It was from Nevis. Nevis makes country # 205 in my collection. Now before any of you purists out there email and say that Nevis is not a country, I agree , you are right. Nevis is part of The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, a federal two-island nation. But it does issue its own stamps and that makes it work as a stamp issuing entity and welcome in my collection. So on to Nevis.
Nevis is an island in the Caribbean, located about 350 km southeast of Puerto Rico and 80 km west of Antigua. Its capital is Charlestown. As mentioned above, Nevis is part of The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Nevis is where a young Horatio Nelson, of The Battle of Trafalger fame, was stationed as a young sea captain and also where he met and married his wife, Frances Nisbet.
The card shows a rain forest on Nevis. I can't say who sent this card as it was not signed. The only thing written on it was the slogan '' I love Nevis"'.
The stamp used is from 2000 , 1 of a set of 4 , featuring tropical fish.
That's it for this entry, more next week. Comments please ?


Sara said...

a postcard from an anonymous sender? does it happen often? this is so intriguing.

Thomas said...

I like this kind of stamp, very colourful and with a nice fish on it :) I used to collect fish on stamps before I switched to WWF stamps, so I can appreciate a nice fish stamp

By the way, what will be your next goal once you have stamps from all stamp issuing countries / entities?? :) Nevis is already country # 205 in your collection, you might reach the goal already next year... :)


Ana said...

a card from Nevis?? moreover an anonymous sender?
Lucky lucky lucky :)))

btw, thats an interesting question Thomas had made....i know that if right now i had stamped postcards from every single country/entity/territory in the world...i wouldnt probably know what my next challenge would be....maybe UNESCO's....but i dont really have THAT great itch for them...I may go for the map/flag cards from each country...but its somewhat impossible since many countries dont even have such cards (I personally live in one of them) i really dont know what would my next goal be...

however, keeping fingers crossed that you reach yours soon...and see what would be next then :)

best regards

Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Tomas and Ana,
Thanks for your comments. Even tho' I already have cards from 205 countries, there is really still a long way to go. And believe me,many of the hard ones are still to come.Africa is a real challenge. But, I have lots of time , so I just keep going. By my count I still have 51 , to get. That is really alot , still. But, a couple of people have said that when and if it ever gets complete, that I should put them all together in some sort of travel or atlas type of book. Sounds like a good idea to me.What do you think?

Ana said...

I like the idea of an atlas or travel book....and order them in some particular way so they have some continuity or that they come in some form of stories that teach different kind of can get very creative to do that, plus there is an infinite way of how to combine or sort the cards

till then, will be following the stories about the postcards here :)