Friday, October 31, 2008

Smallest Post Office in the U.S. and Patagonia, Argentina

Just two postcards for today's update. First is a card from Ochopee, Florida, U.S.A. The post office in Ochopee is the smallest post office in the U.S. Information about the post office is on the front and also the back of the postcard. Earlier this past summer I had received 2 postcards from Sanquhar, Scotland, site of the oldest post office in the world. You can read about the Sanquhar Post Office in my postings of 26 June and 28 July. I guess now I'll try for a postcard from the southernmost post office in Puerto Guarani, Tierra del Fuego. Or the northernmost, or the highest, the possibilities are endless, well not really. Back to Ochopee. The stamp on the card is the 72 cent 13 Mile Woods stamp , airmail definitive issued in 2008.

The other card for today is from Rada Tilly, Patagonia, Argentina. With a population of about 15,000 it is known for its 4.5 kilometre beach. The card was sent by Flor, a Postcrosser who lives in Comodoro Rivadavia, about 13 kilometres away from Rada Tilly. She used 2 stamps about which I could not find any information. They are marked Official and the postmark itself has the word Official in it. If anyone has info on this stamp , please leave a comment .

A short one today. Thanks to Flor and the postmaster at Ochopee.


andrea said...

Hi! you should know that that last argentina stamp is for normal post, it protrays an aboriginal drum
see here

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