Monday, October 13, 2008

Last of the Vacation Catch-Up

With this posting, I will finish up the postcards and covers that arrived while I was away. First is a card from Ireland. The front of the card shows a number of Irish cottages. The card was sent by Postcrosser Odette, who lives in Ireland but is originally from the Philippines. Odette used a 2008 stamp, 1 of a set of 3 featuring wild flowers. In this case it is the sea aster.

Next is a card from Taiwan, republic of China. It was sent by regular contributor Wu Wei Yi. The card shows a lady entering a hot spring, no doubt hoping to relieve her body and soul. Wei Yi used 3 stamps from 2001. The 2 on the top are from a mini sheet of 10 that featured flowers and plants. The smaller stamp is from a set of 3 definitives, again featuring flowers and plants.

Here is a card from Ana of Skopje, Macedonia. It shows The Monastery of St Naun , located on the southeast side of Lake Ohrid, near the Macedonian- Albanian border. Ana has a postcard blog entitled My World Of Postcards at . Check it out and see what she's about. This card arrived in an envelope with 10 great Macedonia stamps. I have few stamps from this country , so these will add to my collection. The stamps are from 1992, 93, 97,98 and 2006. All in all they make a mini collection.

Finally there is this cover from Brazil. Sent by Luis Alberto Kalife, it contained a mini sheet of 6 stamps from 2002. The sheet of 6 all are stamps with planes on them. They will add greatly to my topical collection of aircraft on stamps. The cover was stamped with 3 stamps, 1 from 2007 featuring a train and 2 from 1999 featuring aircraft. Again 2 more stamps for my topical collection.

Thanks to Odette, Wei Yi, Ana and Luis for these postcards and stamps. I can't do it without you guys.
As always , your comments are welcome.

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Ana said...

that cover turned out really colourful :)

the whole issue with stamps here is a bit complicated, but ill keep an eye on stamps you dont have, and send them to you...if possible, please tell me which ones you have so far, so that i dont send something you already have, and as well, if you prefer me to send the stamps on an envelope or on a postcard :)