Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Many Postcards Again Today Plus An Appeal

Hello again. Well, I have a bunch of postcards to show again today. Six arrived today and one arrived yesterday. They are all from my participation in Postcrossing. So if you want to receive postcards from around the world, just sign up at Postcrossing.com. It's free. Now, on to my cards. First is a card from China, P.R.C . The card shows Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou. Dr Sun Yat Sen is often referred to as The Father of Modern China. The sender used 3 definitives from 2002 on the reverse side and also put 3 more on the picture side.

With all the wooden shoes pictured on the next card, it's pretty much a giveaway , where it's from. Yes, The Netherlands. Not a lot to say about this card, but I do have something to say about the stamp. Over the past 2 years or so, I have received quite a number of postcards from The Netherlands and for the most part, the stamps are boring, this one included. Now I am not saying all Netherlands stamps fall in this category , maybe it's just the international postcard rate, but it would be wonderful to see some nicer Netherlands stamps on incoming cards.

Moving along, I received a nice card from Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. It is in fact a Season's Greetings card, which I take to mean a Christmas card. Now I have read that a lot of postcard collectors don't really like to receive this type of card, but it's ok by me. It's my first card of this type and I look forward to a few more over the coming season. Used on this card was the 2008 94 cent international airmail rate stamp showing St. John U.S. Virgin Islands.

Next up is a Card from Portugal. The card shows the complete story of the legend of The Cock of Barcelos. I hope that you can click on the card and are able to read the complete story. Interesting reading! Two stamps from the 2007 transport set of 5 were used to get the card here.

Now I have 2 cards from Finland. One shows a reproduction of Kaj Stenvall's The Night of The Arts. Stenvall is a very popular artist in Finland. Postcards of his work are in very much demand among card collectors. This is just the first of his that I have received. Paula the sender used a Moomins stamp from 2007. And, Moomins stamps are very much in demand also, so I guess I'm very lucky to receive this card.
The second Finland card shows The Hotel Kristina in Kristinestad, Finland. Marjatta used a stamp from the 2008 s/s of Alpine ski sports. In this case, it's downhill skiing. She says the stamp is 3D, motion print imaging. I'm not sure if it's 3D or a hologram. Either way, it's a great stamp. Any comments as to which it is ?

The final card from Great Britain shows a painting by James Nicholls entitled Train. You could have fooled me on this one. Anu used 2 stamps, a 20p Machin and 1 of the set of 6 , 2008 Christmas stamps. A quite nice set actually.

I was going to end this posting , but first I want to make a small appeal of my readers. To finish up 2 parts of the world, I need a postcard from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and from Guyana and French Guiana. Two distinct parts of the world for sure. Now who can help me out here? Do you have any relatives, friends or business acquaintances living in either of these countries, know any one going to either country, or have a pen pal in either ? If anyone can help me here, I sure will be grateful. I have been trying for quite a while to get a card from these places but so far no luck.
Hopefully someone will come through for me and I will add to my collection.
Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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M. A. Leal said...

Hello Gem:
I received a couple of weeks ago a card from Kazakhstan in November RR, on the postcrossing forum.
It was sent by russianruby. She is english but lives in the countrys capital. Maybe you can try and arranje a private trade with her/him. I hope this information helps you.