Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paraguay, New Country # 207 Plus More

Today I am able to add to my country collection of postcards. I have received a postcard from Paraguay, making that country # 207 . It was sent to me by Laara Manler, a Peace Corps Volunteer located there. She has a blog of her experiences in Paraguay entitled Laara's Paraguay Adventure. Paraguay is one of two landlocked countries in South America. It is located along the Paraguay River bordering Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. It has a population of over 6 million and its capital is Asuncion. The card shows some scenery along a lake , close to the to the town of Loma Grande, where Laara lives. The stamps on the card were both issued in 2008 . The one on the left commemorates the Rotary Club in Asuncion. It is from a set of 2. The stamp on the right features birds and is also part of a set of 2. Thanks Laara for this card and for adding to my collection.

My next card is from Lithuania. It was sent by Helen who lives in Estonia. She just happened to be attending a congress in Vilnius. The card has a view of the city of Vilnius. Thanks Helen. Helen used a 2008 stamp commemorating the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. This one is from a set of 2 and features the sport of sailing .

And finally a card from Taiwan R.O.C. It shows a view of Fengbin Jichi Bay located on the northern part of the Hualien - Taitung Coastline . The card was sent by Postcrosser Lisa. She used 2 stamps , the first one from 2008 featuring the President and the Vice-President. The other stamp features Tea, the Taiwanese favorite drink.
Once again, thanks to Laara, Helen and Lisa.

That's all for today. Be sure to come back tomorrow.


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