Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Small Update

Here's another small update, 2 postcards and a cover.First the postcards, since this is a postcard blog. First card is from Great Falls, Montana, USA. The card is from Mike, a Postcrosser in Great Falls, which is really just down the road from Calgary, where I am located . Mike sent a card of The Mark Twain House in Hartford , CT. This house is a National Historic Landmark. Twain lived, worked, and raised his family in this house from 1874 - 1891. Mike used a couple of definitives , the 2003 10 cent American Clock, and the 2008 27 cent papaya. He also used 1 of the Flags of Our Nation set , issued 2008, and in this case Delaware.

The second card is from Japan. It shows the Arashiyama area of Kyoto City, Japan. The card was sent by Kyoko who live in Kyoto. She used a couple of definitives featuring a rooster and a butterfly.

And finally for something just a little different. I received a cover from Nablus, Palestine. It is from The Office of The President, An-Najah National University. It was Registered mail posted in Ramallah. The cover is franked with 3 different Palestinian Authority stamps. These are the first Palestinian Authority stamps that I have owned. Also included in the cover were a number of mint Palestinian Authority stamps. I would have loved for this to have been a postcard, but I have confirmation from another source that a postcard is on the way. The red stamp on the left is a Christmas stamp as are some of the mint stamps.

As I said , a short update . Now I have to go and shovel again. It has been showing here all day and temperatures are dropping tonight into the minus 28-30 degrees C. It's going to be a cold , wintry weekend. Looks like a white Christmas around these parts. Take care. Comments?

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Ana said...

-30 degrees? ouch...reminds me of some previous winters we have had here....i dont know how this one is gonna be, with all this global warming you cant predict it anymore, but in general i hate Macedonian winters and summers coz winters get too cold and summers get extremely hot, up to 50 degrees...I wish we had at least some feels very dark and depressing like this...its just constantly raining :(

btw, keeping fingers crossed for the Kazakhstan card...knowing the source, im pretty sure you're gonna love what you find in your mailbox :)

oh, and Mike from Montana is a nice postcrosser as well ;-)