Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another New Country, Togo #208

Today my collection of stamped and mailed postcards from different countries has increased again. I can now add Togo to that list, making it the 208th country from which I have received a stamped postcard. Again this is thanks to a U.S. Peace Corp volunteer. Rebecca Friedrichs, a volunteer in Vogan , Togo sent the card. She has a blog entitled Would You Like That For Here Or Togo ? Thanks Rebecca. Togo is a narrow country in West Africa, bordering Ghana, Benin, and Burkina Faso. Togo gained its independence from France in 1960. The country of more than 6 million has its capital in Lome. The card has four pictures of locals from Togo dressed in colorful costumes and taking part in musical celebrations. Rebecca used a 2007 stamp highlighting aids on the card. It is from a set of three.

I also received a card from Norway. It was sent by Silje, a Postcrosser who lives North of the Arctic Circle. That sounds cold to me. But I liked the way that she described Norway as follows: Norway, the land of mountains, fjords, northern lights and the beautiful midnight sun. That says a lot. I think she could write for the Norwegian Tourist Board. The picture on the card also says a lot- The Midnight Sun. Silje used a stamp from 2007 featuring marine life.

There is just one more thing to look at today. Even though this blog is about postcards, I do sometimes receive a cover or some such item. And I always need to acknowledge them. This is the case again today. I received an aerogram from Malaysia. It is a prestamped envelope bearing a 2007 aviation themed prestamped postage. A very nice item actually. A wonderful addition to my planes on stamps topical collection. It was sent by Khor Kok Keong of fame.
Thanks again to Rebecca, Silje and kkkhor.
Have a good day and please visit again.

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