Friday, May 30, 2008

A Single Postcard From Malawi

Today I just have a single postcard to show. It was sent by M Dezi of Malawi. I think it shows a very unique scene.The card shows dawn, from Emperor's view, Zomba Plateau. Zomba is a spectaculer table top mountain overshadowing Zomba Town 2,500 feet below. Emperor's View is named after Emperor Haile Selasse of Ethiopia, who visited the area in 1964. The stamps that Dezi used on this card are from a butterfly definitive issue.

This has been a slow week for postcards , in fact a slow month. This past week I only received 3 postcards. During the month of May I received just 19 postcards and sent off a total of 21 cards. Not a typical month for me and postcards. Hopefully June will be better and bring more cards. June 20 is my birthday, so anyone reading this , you still have time to drop a postcard in the mail with birthday greetings. Let's see how it goes.

Talk again next week.

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