Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Laos- New Country #184

Hi there . Today I received 2 postcards. One was an official Postcrossing card from Finland, sent by Postcrosser Marika. She used a 2007 stamp showing a butterfly- the Colias Palaeno. I'm not showing this postcard at this time, but just wanted to acknowledge receiving it.

The second card is from Laos and is the 184th country from which I have received a stamped postcard. It was sent by Megan who is traveling through that part of the world. Laos, officially the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country in southeast Asia, bordered by Burma, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The capital and largest city is Vientiane and the countries population is 6.5 million people. Laos has the dubious honour of being the most bombed country in history. Megan sent her card from Vang Vieng, which is mainly a backpacker town. One of the main attractions of the town is inner tubing on the Mekong River. And, that is exactly what Megan said on her card. She had just finished tubing on the Mekong.
The stamp used on the card, which I think is a very nice stamp, was issued on March 9, 2006. It commemorates The King Phangum Lenglathorany, of which I could not find any information.
Sorry about that. Thanks Megan for this wonderful addition to my collection.


oaffie said...

There's only one King Fa Ngum. Not sure what Lenglathorany means, and it's not written on the stamp anywhere - maybe a Lao honorific title?

The stamp actually reads "Phanya Fa Ngum Maharas Sisattana Khanahout". This may be a "modern" Lao re-wording of the title that Fa Ngum was crowned under in 1353. Sisattana Kanahout was the old name for Vientiane (capital city of Laos).

See this link for more info: http://www.googlelaos.com/fangum.html

webmastermarkt said...

hello glenn

yesterday i sent you same cards with nice stamps.