Friday, May 9, 2008

Another New Country- Colombia #185

Again, two postcards to show today. The first is from the newest country in my collection, Colombia, the 185th country in my collection. The other card is from Germany.
The Colombia card took quite a while to reach me. It was posted about the middle of March in Popayan, Colombia. It was sent by Anne F who was traveling in Colombia. Colombia is a country located in northwestern South America. it is bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil, to the south by Ecuador and Peru, to the north by the Atlantic Ocean through the Caribbean Sea, to the northwest by Panama and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. Colombia is the fourth-largest nation in South America. Popayan is a city of the Colombian department of Cauca, with a population of about 215,000. It is known as the white city because of its beautiful colonial houses.
Anne used 2 stamps on the card , although due to the large size of the stamps she had to overlap them somewhat. The smaller $1.400 value stamp was issued in 2007 and celebrates the 50th anniversary of ACIEM, Colombia's Association of Engineers. The larger $3.700 value stamp , issued in 2005 honors Huila , one of the departments of Colombia. Huila is in the southwest part of the country. The stamp is 1 of 2 in a souvenir sheet of that year. Thanks to Anne for this great addition tto my collection.

The card from Germany was sent by Isa , as part of a private postcard swap. This is the third card I have received from her. The card shows some scenes from Wevelinghoven which is a part of Grevenbroich, where Isa lives. The stamps on the card are very interesting and quite nice. The dark green stamp on the left was issued in 2008 and honors Max Planck, a Nobel Prize winner on Physics in 1918. Planck, 1858-1947, is considered the founder of quantum theory. His equation E=hv says that the energy of a particle of light (E), called a photon, is proportional to its frequency (v), by a constant factor (h). This means that photons with low frequencies like radio waves, have lower energies than photons with high frequencies, like x-rays. Sorry, but let's get back to more important things like more stamps. The second stamp on this card , again issued 2008 honors Birdwatch or 100 years of bird protection and maintenance. A very nice stamp indeed. Thanks Isa.

Well with 185 countries in my collection, I have , by my count, 66 more to go. I'm getting there slowly but surely. I'm hoping to add a world map to this site soon which will show the countries that I have and will be updated as I receive a card from a new country. That's coming very soon.

Cheers .

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