Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May's Last Update

It is the last of May and all I have for you are a few cards that I have had for sometime now but which have never made it into the blog. So they will see the light of day today. Also on the agenda will be my postcard report for May. Today's cards are from Tunisia, Tanzania, Iran and Samoa.

Let's have a look at the Tunisia card first. It's a card showing a portion of Sousse, Tunisia. Sousse is 140 km south of the capital Tunis and has a population of around 175,000 people. Sousse is quite known for its olive grove which stretches over more than 2,500 sq km. Stasa, a Postcrosser from Slovenia, sent this card while on holiday back in 2006. The stamp is from 2004 and is a part of a set of 5 featuring antique coins.

Next is the Tanzania card. It gives us a view of Mountain Village, Arusha, part of the Serena Hotels. Mountain Village is found at the foot of Mount Meru and on the shore of Lake Duluti. Mailed at Arusha, this is another card from 2006. I received this card from the management of Serena Hotels at Arusha and they used a 2002 stamp. It is 1 of 4 highlighting the art of Zanzibar.

Now for a card from Iran. This one is of The Mausoleum of Hafez, one of the biggest and best of Iranian poets. Some even consider him to be the greatest poet of the world. His mausoleum is located in Shiraz. Shahdad used 2 great stamps on this card. The one on the left was issued in 2005 and is 1 of 4 stamps different stamps in a souvenir sheet issued for Expo Aichi. The second stamp was issued in 2006 and is from another souvenir sheet of 4 showcasing Persian Gulf maps.

The last card for this time is a multi view card from Samoa, the treasured islands of The South Pacific. The upper right picture is of Apia, the country's capital. Anita who works at The Siufaga Beach Resort sent this card and she used a non traditional shaped stamp. The stamp is 1 of 4 in a set showing shells and the stamps are all shaped like shells. They were issued in 2006.

That's the cards for this time. Thanks to Stasa, Anita, Shahdad and Serena Hotels.
As always, your comments are welcomed. I don't seem to get many though.

One more thing, for the record, May's postcard report.
During May I received a total of 29 postcards. Of this number 12 were from fellow Postcrossers.
I mailed a total of 45 cards and 25 of them went to Postcrossers. I added 1 new country to my collection, leaving just 26 more to collect.

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