Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Wallis & Futuna, Sri Lanka and 30 postcards Project

I'm back with another short update. Short ones don't seem so daunting, so maybe I should stick with them. Anyway, I 'm here and that's what counts. I guess the old adage is true, you can't have too much of a good thing. Until a few days ago , I did not have a single card from Wallis and Futuna, this after 5 years of trying. Then I get one and now yesterday I get a second one, both thanks to Jean Pierre. This latest one is a generic type card showing a pineapple. I have heard that postcards are actually quite scarce on Wallis and Futuna, as the islands are not exactly a tourist mecca. Clearly postmarked at Mata-Utu, 5-5-2011, the stamp used is a 2011 issue marking the 170th anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Pierre Chanel, who was murdered on Futuna April 28,1841.

My next card is from Sri Lanka. Ravindra sent this card of ladies plucking tea. As an avid tea drinker, it is interesting to see one part of the tea process. Both of the stamps used have a church on them. The vertical stamp on the left was issued in 2010 and shows holy Emmanuel Church. The other stamp is of St. Mary's Church.

The last card for today is from the U.S.A. Kevin sent it along. His project is called With this project, people from all over the World mail postcards and talk about something unique, odd, interesting,special, strange, exceptional, or fascinating about the places where they live or travel to. Give them a look and send a card. I'm not showing the stamp , it's just the often seen 2009 Grand Teton National Park stamp. The card itself is a specially printed card for the 30postcards project. That's today's update. Thanks to Jean Pierre, Ravindra and Kevin for their cards. Thanks to you for reading.

One more thing - in my update of Wed, May 11th I mentioned I had received a postcard from Madagascar , and I had no idea who sent it - well, mystery solved. I had word from Bruce in South Africa that he was responsible . So Thanks to Bruce

Take care, Back Tomorrow.

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Great postcard collection! One of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen! :) Feel free to visit my blog:

If you need some more postcards from Montenegro, let me know. :)