Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Constellation, Venezuela and Honduras

Here's a couple of great cards to start off the month of June. The first card is postmarked at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, however, the sender's address is Port Angeles, Washington, USA. It's a really great card though, a wonderful addition for my aircraft on postcards collection. It shows us a Lockheed Constellation entitled The Great Silver Fleet, of Eastern Airlines fame. The Constellation came into its own, after World war II, as a popular, fast civilian airliner. Lockheed's elegant Connie looked fast even when it stood still. As the first pressurized airlines in widespread use, the Constellation helped to usher in affordable and comfortable air travel. This card is an enlargement of a United States stamp from 1997. The stamp was issued in a sheet of 20 Classic American Aircraft. Have a look at it, it's a nice sheet of stamps. When I saw this card , it brought back memories of living and working in Stephenville , Newfoundland. I worked at the Stephenville Airport ( YJT) from 1978-1985 and for most of that time there was a Constellation ( CF-BFN) parked just off the ramp. It was in a somewhat state of disrepair , but was still a beautiful sight. I know of a picture of CF-BFN in its better days, parked on the Stephenville ramp, but it is copyrighted by the photographer, so I can't show it. Would love to though. It had previously been used to fly fresh fish from Stephenville to New York. I guess I'm getting a little of track but that often happens to me where aircraft are concerned. I have aircraft pictures on my office walls, aircraft models on my shelves, books about aircraft in the bookcase and even a clock shaped like an altimeter just ahead of where I am sitting. As I said earlier it's a great card and I'm glad to have received it. Beth sent it to me after I came upon her project called The Postcard Project. Beth used a Canadian Royal Wedding 2011 stamp showing the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
The stamp was issued on April 29, their wedding day. Beth used some great stickers and stampings , so the card is very busy on the back. Thanks to Beth for this one.

On to card # 2 from Venezuela. It is from Rafael, a good friend of mine. He is originally from Venezuela but now lives in Canada. Rafael's card shows Canaima National Park located in southern Venezuela, and was posted in Maracaibo. Rafael used a stamp from a mini sheet of 10 different stamps issued in 2006 for SENIAT, The National Integrated Service of Customs and Tax Administration.

Here is the final card for today. It is a map card from Honduras. We can see from the map that Honduras shares borders with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Thanks to April for this card. The stamp was issued in 2005 and celebrates 70 years of diplomatic relations with Japan.

That's the update for this time. Thanks to Beth, Rafael and April for their cards. See you soon. Comment if you have one. Take care.

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