Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey

Hello again. Well it's all Turkey today, and I don't mean what's on the table. I do mean the country, as in where today's cards are from. Actually I only have one new card to show today, but a couple of others will help make up today's update. Today's card comes to me from Trabzon, Turkey compliments of another Postcrosser. Trabzon is a city on the Black Sea. I like this card a lot. It gives us a view of old time Istanbul. It is the 3rd card of its type that I have received. The stamps are from the 2008 set of 9 definitives. Here is another view of Istanbul on an earlier card from the same set of cards. Here is the 3 rd card which I have received from this set, this one shows Izmir City. Both of these last 2 cards I have featured in earlier blogs. I actually found , online, 31 different cards of this set. I don't know if that is the total or not but they do make a fine set.

Still no mail coming my way, Canada Post still has all its workers locked out , so no mail is moving. I guess it's back to the archives next week for a few cards from the past, that never made it online.

A short update today. Hope you enjoyed it though. Take care.

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