Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008's First Cards

Before I get to todays cards, I think that a small review of 2007 is in order. Last year I received 190 postcards, and sent out 90 cards. I increased my different country total by 63 countries last year, bringing that total to 171 countries from which I have received a postcard. Some of the more unique countries that I received a card from last year are Falkland Islands, Lebanon, St. Pierre & Miq, Pitcairn Islands, British Antarctic Territory, Swaziland, Brunei, Bhutan, Comoros Islands, Andorra, Albania, Nepal, Botswana , British Indian Ocean Territory and The Military Order of Malta. All in all, it was a good postcard year. And, to top of 2007, I started this blog.

Now , for todays postcards. The first card is from The U.S.A. , sent by thepostcardscollector of fame. The card has 8 U.S. stamps on it, all definitives, but you know what, I like and collect definitives from The U.S. , so I was happy to get this card.

The 2nd card is from Malaysia and was sent by Kow Siew Lan of the blog StampHappyWind. The card is celebrating 50 years of Malaysia Nationhood.

The final card for today is a card, (my second) sent ny Velu, of The Stamps of Velu. This card, he sent from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn, ok for cover. Happy new year!

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