Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A French Postcard

Today I received a postcard from France. It was sent to me by Cotard Stephane, a visitor to this blog. He is also a postcard collector and he can expect a postcard from Canada in the mail soon. The postcard shows The Abbey of Saint Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The card was actually postmarked from the site. The stamp used is a 0.85e value , issued in 2007, and shows The Hall of Mirrors of The Castle of Versailles. A very impressive card and quite a nice stamp.


Anonymous said...

I am happy : my postcard is arrived ! I can send you another from Normandy if you want. I am waiting your postcard from canada (I like your country!).
Best regards , cotard stéphane

Gem from Calgary said...

Hi again Cotard Stephane,Sure a card from Normandy would be great. I'll get another one in the post to you as well.

Anonymous said...

Hello again. I have received this morning your postcard : it's great ! yesterday I sent you a postcard from Ouistreham ( It's a D-Day 1944 beach called juno I think ) and I used a sT pierre et Miquelon stamp ( It was a exceptionnal First day cover in France) Tell me when you get it

Anonymous said...

Hi !
I sent a postcard with st pierre et miq on it wenesday january 16th. It was just a one time thing cause with the subject of the stamp , we can use te stamp from france ( only in one letter box in ouistreham )only during 4 days and with the mention "paquebot". The st pierre et miq stamp are not availables in France (only from st pierre et miq) stéphane