Friday, January 11, 2008

Kabul Card

Another card I'd like to show today was posted from Kabul, Afghanistan. It shows a view of Kabul, with the old Kabul Hotel , now known as The Kabul Serena Hotel, in the foreground. The card was sent by Chris Newbery, General Manager of the hotel. The stamps used are quite varied and cover the years from 1951-2002. The upper left stamp is 1 of 1 set of 17 featuring momuments , issued in 1951. The upper right stamp , issue in 1984, is from a set of 7, featuring planes and celebrating the 40th year of ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization. The lower left stamp and the stamp on the bottom, are from a set of 2 issue in 1969 , for National Arms. The stamp was normally used as a newspaper stamp , but as you can see, this time it was used as a postage stamp. The final stamp, lower right, was issued in 2002 and features Ahmad Shah Masood, an Afghan National Hero. Masood was a former Defense Minister of Afghanistanin 1992. Later he went on to become the military leader of the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan. he was assassinated in 2001 , supposedly by al-Qaeda.


Eric from Jura said...

hi Glenn !
I've received today your cover from Canada, with the so nice "Year of the rat" miniature sheet !
Thank you so much for this nice surprise !
I'll send you soon a nice postcard (or a cover ?) from France. I don't remember if you like some topics in particular ?
Regards from France

Eric from Jura said...

Thanks Glenn for your post on my blog !
I'll send you soon a nice postcard from france :-)
enjoy your stamps !

webmastermarkt said...

nice card and nice stamps.

today, i will send you an old postcard from my homearea with cool stamps.


william charles said...

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Thank you so much for sharing


linda clark said...

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