Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Country or Entity #172

Today I received just 1 postcard. But, it's a good one in that it increases my total of countries or stamp issuing entities to 172. This is the first increase since Turkmenistan on Christmas Eve. My card today is from The United Nations , Vienna. It was sent to me by Ron, a fellow Calgarian working for The U. N. in Vienna. It doesn't have a stamp , but as the postmark shows, it was indeed mailed from The United Nations, Vienna. The front of the card shows The United Nations buildings at Vienna. Thanks Ron.

Along with this card, I want to show the card I have from The United Nations, New York. it was sent to me way back in 2000, before I even collected postcards, although now I am glad that I kept it. I guess it was the stamp collector in me. There are 3 nice stamps on it, including The Byelorussian SSR flag stamp, issued in 1983, the Egypt flag stamp from a 1981 set, and The Disarmament stamp issue in 1967.

So now that I have a card from New York and Vienna , I guess I have to concentrate my efforts on getting a card from The U.N. office in Geneva.

Happy Collecting.

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