Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cards You'd Love To Receive

Hello again Folks. I'm back with a few great cards, cards you'd probably like to receive yourself. Maybe one day, you'll receive one or two of them. Good Luck .

Let's start today with another of the Unseen Sri Lanka series of cards. It's a look at Queen's Tower, on Delft Island.It was built by the Dutch during their rule in Sri Lanka.

Ravindra used an identical stamp to the postcard. The stamp showing Queen's Tower was issued in 2016.

The old town center of Tirana, Albania is the subject of this next card. Actually it's Skanderbeg Square with the equestrian statue of the Albanian hero George Kastrioti Skanderbeg riding his horse in battle, dominating the square. He gained his fame for resisting the Ottomans. The statue is 11 metres tall and was placed in 1968.

Indrit used 2 of 3 in a 2007 set commemorating a visit of George W. Bush.  I think these are the first George Bush stamps for me, but it could be worse , they could be Trump stamps.

Today's third card is a Christmas postcard from Canada Post. It displays a Cardinal, the same image that's on the Canada Post Christmas U.S. rate stamp. The Cardinal, some people think, are messengers of good cheer.

This was a preprinted postage paid card from Canada Post, with postage for worldwide delivery. The imprinted stamp is the domestic-rate polar bear looking at a star-filled night sky. Domestic rate but in this case valid for worldwide delivery. I guess the postal service can change the rules as they see fit.

A great card from France is next. It's American pilot Charles Lindbergh. He was the first to fly across the Atlantic without a stop over. He flew from Long Island , New York to Paris. Flying has certainly changed from 1927.

Dominique used 2 fine vintage stamps from 1965. They were issued to mark the Launching of the First French Satellite. Great that they are intact with the tab between them.

That's it for this time. Thanks for dropping in and be sure to come back again soon. Thanks for cards today go out to Ravindra, Indrit, Canada Post and Dominique.


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Indrit Muha said...
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Indrit Muha said...

I am sorry but they had the stamp in the philately. I think he isnt worry to be in stamps but tell this to the Albanian post ;)
All the best