Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day Blog

It's Boxing Day but there's no boxing any where near , so I guess I have time for a blog. I'll start with a card from Cote d ' Ivoire. This is only my 2nd card from this country. It arrived from Abibjan, a city on the southern Atlantic coast of West Africa. A number of the locals are pictured on the card.

This is another card from Mike and Taowvik Boukari. They have sent cards before, from other countries. They used a 2013 Flora stamp, one of four in a set.

Here's another Christmas themed card. This one has a young lady carrying her decorated Christmas tree inside a snow globe.

A young Postcrosser from Moscow sent this card. She used a couple of the old 2009 definitives. I don't really need to show them, we see them so often, but here they are.

My next two cards are both from Albania. This first one shows a local couple in a traditional dance, wearing traditional costumes.

Indrit uses 3 matching stamps. They are from a 2005 set of 12 Costumes.

Now here's Indrit's second card. It's Tirana by night. On it we can see the Clock Tower of Tirana, built between 1811 and 1822. On the right is Et'heim Bey Mosque, also built in the 18th century sometime between 1819 and 1821.

Again Indrit used one of the Traditional Costumes set from 2005 , along with a Flowers Triangle , from 2005. It's from a set of 5.

Next is a card from Sri Lanka showing the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel. It is the highest located hotel in the country  at 1988 metres above Sea Level.

Ravindra used 3 fine stamps on his card. On the left is a stamp issued for World Environment Day 2014. The middle stamp celebrates the 70th Anniversary of Parliamentary Democracy in Sri Lanka. The final stamp, on the right, celebrates World Children's Day 2017.

Well folks that's the update for this time. Thanks for cards go out to Mike & Taowvik, Marina, Indrit and Ravindra. To you readers, thanks for dropping in and hopefully you found a reason to come back. Take care. 

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Indrit Muha said...

I am really glad you received them
I tried to find the best stamps for you
All the best