Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Yangon, Amsterdam, Sydney and Sallent de Gallego

Good morning, at least it's morning as I write this. My cards for this time are from all around as you can see from the title of this post.
Let's start with the card from Yangon, Myanmar. A nice view of the General Post Office in Yangon. The building is one of the listed heritage buildings in the city. Its rows of arched windows, the portico and the double-winged stairways in the foyer are all attractions for visitors. The postal service in Yangon started in 1854. An original building was damaged in the 1930 earthquake. As a result, the British then bought the current building and converted it into a new General Post Office in 1936. I think some might have thoughts about a building from 1936 receiving a classification as heritage. But it is what it is .

This is another card from Jobbo. I can't find any information on the stamp, but I'll show it and hope someone can leave a comment and give some info about it.

Amsterdam is next. It is the Netherlands' capital aand known for its elaborate canal system, dating back to the 17th century. A fine view of the city is found on Ana's card.

Ana used a most beautiful 2014 stamp showing Johannes Vermeer's 1665 painting - Girl with a Pearl Earring. If  you're lucky enough to be in The Netherlands, you can see this wonderful painting at Mauritshuis, an art museum in The Hague.

Be sure to check out Ana's postcard blog right here .

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Sydney Opera House. Brings back good memories from last spring for me. On our last cruise My Lovely Teena and I sailed under the bridge and later attended a performance at the Opera House. It was a good time indeed.

This card is from Kim, a Canadian ( a fellow Newfie in fact ) who now makes New South Wales home. She wrote that celebrating Christmas in summer was a bit strange. It was 31 C when she wrote out this card on New Year's Eve.  Oh well, we all have a cross to bear.

Kim used a 2015 Christmas stamp. It is 1 of 2 different rate stamps in a nice Christmas souvenir sheet.

Now here's a card from Barcelona, Spain. It gives us a winter view of Sallent de Gallego. This small town of just around 1,500 is located in the central Pyrenees close to the border with France.

This is a card from Albert and he has a postcard-travel blog and you can find it  here .
We have 2 stamp on this card. On the left is a 2014 definitive of King Felipe. It is from a set of 5. The other stamp , also from 2015, is a Europa stamp showing Old Toys. It is a self adhesive.

I was going to end off here, but things are moving along well , so let's keep going.

Lately I have received a couple of cards from St Pol sur Mer, France. They aren't the normal touristy cards, in fact they have no pictures or descriptions at all. But, they did arrive with some fine, beautiful and old French stamps. Here they are.

 First card , Front

Rear View

Second Card , Front

Rear View
  As I mentioned , some fine older stamps.

The last card for today, I promise. It's  from Gdask, Poland, as seen from Olowianta Island. It shows a good view of the Zuraw Port Crane, the oldest surviving port crane in Europe, not to mention it is the most characteristic building in Gdansk. It was built between 1442 and 1444 with two brick towers between which was installed the wooden lifting mechanism. It was intended to serve three functions : a loading crane, a defensive fortification and a city gate.  

Veronica, a Postcrosser from Gdansk sent this card and used the stamp which I call " the Unknown Comic stamp '' It just reminds of The Unknown Comic. It was issued in 1996 and is just one of many definitives issued that year.

There it is , update # 4 so far in 2016. Thanks for cards today go out to Jobbo, Ana, Kim, Albert, Aerts and Veronica. Thank you all.

I'll be be back soon, do drop by again.

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Ana said...

thanks to a Dutch friend, I ended up with nice stamps this time...otherwise it would have probably been some plain definitives :)