Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Few More Cards

Hello again. Today I have a few more cards to have a look at and offer a few comments about. How many - not sure, we'll see how it goes. My first card is from Gengenbach, Germany -  a town and popular tourist destination on the western edge of the Black Forest.  Dominique's card shows the Gengenbach Town Hall which in December turns into the world's biggest Advent calendar. The 24 windows of the town hall represent the 24 windows of an Advent calendar. Every night at 6 PM one of the windows opens up until all 24 windows are opened on Christmas Eve. Finally on Christmas Night, the town hall shines in all its glory.

Although a German themed card, it was posted in France and has a French stamp. It was issued in March of 2015 and commemorates the life of Nicole Mangin, the only female doctor assigned to the front during the First World War, even if it was by accident or  mistake.

Today's second card is from Germany. It gives us a look at Aachen Cathedral. This is a Roman Catholic Church in Aachen, western Germany. It is the oldest cathedral in northern Europe. It was constructed on the order of Emperor Charlemagne between 796 and 805. The building was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1978.

Johan used the 2015 stamp featuring Ludwigslust Palace.

A card from Sri Lanka is my next offering. It shows an old mode of transport, but one that still exists in that part of the world, even in these modern times.

Ravindra used a 2015 stamp celebrating voting, with a motto of  "Your Vote is Your Right ".

Time for the last card for this time. It arrived from Victoria, Newfoundland and was sent by My Lovely Teena. She always sends a card back to me from where ever we travel  and this past trip was no exception. Her card this times shows a scene from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.


Teena used a stamp from the 2015 NHL Goalies set. Shown on this one is the great Bernie Parent.

A fine, clear cancellation from Victoria. Not something we always get at Canadian post offices.

As Porky Pig used to say " That's all folks ".  Actually it was Mel Blanc - Man of 1000 Voices. Anyway , that's all folks at least for today. See you back here tomorrow.   Thanks for cards today go out to Dominique, Johan, Ravindra and My Lovely Teena.
Take care all.

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