Monday, January 11, 2016

Air France

I'm back again , so soon, even I'm a little amazed. Today is Jan 11th and this update will be quite timely.
Let's start with a nice Aviation themed card. A nice new addition to my Airline / Aircraft on Postcard Collection. This is an Air France B747 Cargo aircraft. Aircraft  F-GCBL was delivered to Air France in 1990 and was later acquired by Midex Airlines in 2010 . The picture was taken at Charles de Gaulle in 1999.

As I mentioned today is Jan 11th and Air France operated its  last B747 on a Commercial flight from Mexico City  ( MEX ) to Paris ( CDG ) today. It arrived at 1:56 PM , the end of an era.

Jean Pierre used an interesting stamp on his card. It was issued on Nov 9, 2015 and is 1 of 2 in a set. It shows an Aubusson Tapestry of a Unicorn Hide by Nicolas Buffe. The stamp is on special Flocked Paper.Flocking is the application of fine particles to adhesive coated surfaces. Flock consists of synthetic fibers that look like tiny hairs. In the case of this stamp, flocking makes the stamp feel somewhat velvet.

Jean Pierre advised that this stamp was sold out within just a few days.

I will end off here. Unusual I know, I seldom only showcase just a single card. Maybe I'll get a chance to get back a little later, only time will tell.
Thank you Jean Pierre for this fine card and stamp.

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