Saturday, September 11, 2010

TITANIC and Winterthur

The last update focused on One Good card. Well, today , I have ANOTHER Good card, along with another card. Make any sense, I hope so. A short time ago, I saw a Titanic card on some other postcard blog. I just thought it was one of those cards, you know, a card that you would love to have in your collection. The owner of the card mentioned who had sent it , so I set out to try for a copy for myself. I contacted the sender, who says on her Postcrossing profile , No Swaps. I so praised up the card to her , she said she couldn't resist me , and agreed to send me a Titanic card in a swap. I am so glad that she agreed to the swap. No more than a week later, the great Titanic card found its way to my mailbox. So, Paola , thanks so much. I love the card. Hopefully, my card to you has arrived , or will have when you arrive back at home. I guess I don't really have to write much about The Titanic, I'm sure everyone knows the story. I'm sure the world was stunned when on April 15th, 1912, the RMS Titanic liner sank after hitting an iceberg off Newfoundland. The disaster claimed over 1500 souls. Paola used a wonderful stamp on this card. It is 1 of 4 in a beautiful 2010 multi-sheet featuring Birds of Prey. I now think that I really don't have enough Ireland stamps in my collection.

The other card today shows a street scene and a fountain In Winterthur, Switzerland. The city is the sixth biggest city in the country. It is just 31 km northeast from Zurich, which is where the sender of the card lives. The stamps used on this card include the following: top left- a 1965 Europa stamp; top right- a 2010 Pro Patria semi-postal from a set of 4 . The lower stamp is also from a 1965 Pro Patria semi-postal set of 5 . This set is a pretty nice looking set, actually.

That's all for today. Like I keep saying, cards are scarce and few and far between.
More next week.

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