Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As I have mentioned in the last few updates, cards are still few and far between. One postcard arrived yesterday, and no postcards today. Scarce is not the word. Yesterday's card is from Mayotte. I've written about Mayotte before, the where and why, so I won't go there this time. However , according to Eric Contesse of Blog timbre de ma philatelic, Mayotte will have a different status in 2011 and will become the 101st French Department. As a result, it should therefore no longer issue its own stamps. So , anyone out there who still needs a card or cover from Mayotte, you better get cracking.
Now , on to the card I received yesterday. I really can't write much about it. It appears to be a wicker basket with something laid across it. Perhaps someone knows what. The card is from Jean Pierre who refers to Mayotte as "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean ". Thank you Jean Pierre.
There are 2 great stamps on this card. The one on the left is a 2010 Bird of Prey stamp. Again, according to Eric , it is an engraved stamp and Mayotte's first since they restarted their stamp program back in 1997.
The stamp on the right , was also issued this year and shows some sort of sculpture.

Not a big update today, but at least thanks to Jean Pierre , I have one.

Take care.


Matthew said...

Amazing card and stamps!!!

Trevor said...

Very nice card! And great origin.

I think the object in the photo is some sort of spice, like maybe licorice root or something.

The "sculpture" thing on the stamp looks like a stand that many Muslims use for holding a Koran while they are reading.

Laura said...

vanilla bean?

Webmaster said...

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