Monday, September 13, 2010

Douglas DC-8 and an antique car

Today's mail brought two more cards. One is from Canada ( a rarity for this blog ) and one from Belarus. The Canada card , sent from the neighboring province of British Colombia will become part of my airlines on postcards collection. This one shows an Air Canada Douglas DC-8 aircraft.Air Canada operated a passenger service with DC-8's for 23 years from 1960-1983. It also operated cargo service with DC-8 aircraft from 1983-1994. You don't see very many DC-8's flying passengers or cargo around these days. The card is from Laura who writes the blog Stamp Raider at . Laura likes to receive covers dealing with archaeology. Not an easy topic to collect, I would think. I'm glad to receive her postcard, so Laura , thanks very much. The stamps are an old one and a new one. The old one on the left was issued November 3, 1952 and features Sir John Abbott, a Canadian Prime Minister. The larger stamp was issued February 2, 2009 and is 1 of 2 issued for Black History Month. This one features Rosemary Brown. Brown became the first Black woman elected to public office in Canada when she was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in the British Colombia legislature in 1972.

The second card is from Belarus. It shows an antique car, but unfortunately I can't tell you anything about it, as there is no translation on the card. It was sent by Misha as a thank you for a card I had sent him. He says this card is a limited edition card with only 300 copies. A number of 2008 stamps along with a very recent 2010 stamp ( the large on on the right ) were used.

That's all I have for today. Thanks for reading. Hopefully the mail will bring something new tomorrow.

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