Saturday, June 26, 2010

Three Great Cards

Well, I am back, albeit a little later than expected. It has been a really busy week. I really like saying that, considering the fact , I am retired. I truly don't know where I found time to work. This coming week is shaping up to be another busy one. I just hope I can get a few blog updates in.As bugs Bunny used to say, On With The show.
I have 3 cards to look at today. The countries are Netherlands, Hong Kong and France. Just to let the purists out there know , I know Hong Kong is not a country.
The card from The Netherlands is up first. It shows the Breskens lighthouse. This light is the oldest remaining cast-iron lighthouse in the Netherlands. It was built in 1867. Breskens is a harbour town in south western Netherlands.
I know there are many lighthouse postcard collectors out there. I have seen on different blogs some wonderful lighthouse postcards. When I found this one in my mailbox, I thought ( just for a few minuets ) lighthouses would make a great collection. The thought passed and I'll just stick to planes.
Card # 2 - It's from Hong Kong. It's an interesting card , in that the front picture is formed from a mosaic of Hong Kong stamps. As I write this , I don't know if my scan will allow you to see this, but click on the card and hope for the best. The card actually celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. The stamp on this card is from the 2006 set of 16 bird definitives.
Now, my last card is from France and is compliments of Jean Pierre. The card is a great shot of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. It was built between 1806 and 1808. You can also see through the main arch, the Pyramide du Louvre in the courtyard of the famous Louvre Museum. Jean Pierre used a wonderful stamp from a set of 4 different stamps in a 2010 souvenir sheet issued for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The stamp has a special postmark from the the Exhibition 'Joyaux Philateliques dÁfrique, de IÍle Maurice at de La Reunion ( philatelic jewels from Africa, Mauritius and La Reunion. The show ran from June 2 to June 12, at the Musee de la Poste, in Paris. Included in the show was the One Penny orange-rouge stamp from Mauritius, dated 1847 and considered one of the rarest philatelic items.

I guess that's it for this time. Just one more thing, I found a box of approximately 250-300 old postcards at an antique store. Most date from about 1900 to 1950 and are in mint, unused condition. Around 25 or 30 were postally used , with stamps attached. Of course, I negotiated a good price and bought them all. Take care , and hopefully I can get in another update within a couple days.

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