Sunday, June 20, 2010

Buildings and an Airport

The title of today's update sums up what the cards will be about. The cards are from Macedonia, Romania, Czech Republic, France and The Netherlands.
First up will be the larger card from Macedonia. This vertical card shows The Orthodox Cathedral Church in Skopje. It is the main church in the city and many events take place here , especially at Christmas and Easter. Ana , who has been a great swapper of postcards for more than 3 years, sent this card along. The card has 4 of a set of 6 stamps , issued for the centenary of the modern Olympics, in 1996. These Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and I have a tee shirt to prove it. Thanks Ana , these are great stamps and were definitely not in my collection .

Our second building, sorry card , is from Romania. It shows Bran Castle , a national monument and landmark in Romania. It is located on the border of Transylvania and Wallachia. It is commonly called Dracula's Castle , however, there is no evidence to support this. There is evidence , however, that Vlad Tepes ( Vlad the Impaler ) used the castle during his raids into Transylvania. Between 1927 and 1948 the castle was the residence of the royal family of the Kingdom of Romania. From then on it has been used as a museum. This card is from Emil , with whom I have started a swap , which we hope to keep up. Emil used 3 stamps as follows, the stamp on the left is from a set of 5 issued in 2009 featuring tramways, the middle stamp was issued in 2010 for Easter and the stamp on the right , was issued in 2009 for Easter. Thanks Emil.
Now we have a card from the Czech Republic , postmarked from the city of Usti nad Labem., located in North Bohemia and 95 km from Prague. It shows Strekov Castle. This beautiful Gothic castle ruin , perched on a 100 meter cliff was built around 1318. This card is from a Postcrosser named Tereza. She used a 2009 stamp showcasing ski jumping. Thanks Tereza.

Our fourth card is from France and shows the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Daniel , who has checked out this blog, sent the card after commenting on the blog. It is pretty neat how UNESCO is spelled out in lights on the building. Daniel used a 2009 UNESCO stamp featuring a bridge that was issued by France . Thanks Daniel.

Today's final card is from The Netherlands. It shows 6 KLM aircraft at one of the wings of Schiphol Airport. Makes a great picture. Jean Pierre sent this card , while returning to Paris from Curacao. Thanks Jean Pierre.

That's my report for this time. Hopefully I'll have something for tomorrow. Stay tuned. Remember, as always , your comments are welcome.

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