Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Internet Postcard, Pigs and New Country #175

Yesterday, Friday, I received a bunch of postcards, 8 in fact. Four of them were a result of my participation in Postcrossing. I received 3 from Finland and 1 from Germany. The other 4 were from people that I have had contact with as a result of this blog. Included in this group is a card from Siew Lan of Malaysia who writes on . Also in this group are 2 cards from Stephane Cotard of France. One of the cards show the lighthouse of Sables-dÓlonne. Stephane used on this card , in addiition to some definitives, a very nice commemorative showing another lighthouse , this one located at Ar-Men.This stamp was issued in 2007. The second card Stephane sent is a really unique and personal card . It is a postcard that he ordered over the internet from, with the postmark and postage printed directly on the card. The website then mails the card directly to whomever it is for, in this care , me. The front of the card show an obelisk in Paris. However, if you look carefully at the obelisk you can see the personal part, in this case my name on the obelisk. I think this is really neat. I visited the website and there are a number of different locations on which you can have a name or message printed. Thanks Stephane, I really like this card.
I want to show one of the Postcrossing cards from Finland, that I mentioned earlier. It shows a pig diving off a diving board into a lake.I often heard the expression - when pigs can fly- but I never heard that pigs could dive. A very amusing picture indeed.
The final card to show is from country 175 of my world collection- The Kingdom of Cambodia. It was sent to me by Chau Nguyen Thranh ,a friend of Tram Ha . The card shows The Royal Palace, while the stamps used show The National Museum of Singapore, The Presidential Palace in Hanoi and other Khmer Culture.

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