Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Beautiful Mauritius Beach

I just have one card to show today along with one stamp. The card shows Ile Maurice, on the island of Mauritius, which is home to Flic en Flac. Flic en Flac is found in the district of Black River on the western coast of Mauritius. This area has the nicest beaches of the island and are protected by the surrounding coral reefs. The village, during the 1960s, was known only for its cemetery where people from nearby villages came to bury their dead.

An interesting fact about Mauritius- this island once was home to a now extinct bird--the Dodo. Since the Dodo was unable to fly, the big bird was easy game for early sailors and was soon greatly reduced in numbers. Another contributing factor to its demise was the arrival of Dutch rats on the island which feasted on the eggs of the Dodo.

The stamp on the card , issued in 2007, honors Manilall Doctor's arrival in Mauritius in 1907. Mahatma Gandhi met Manilall Doctor in 1906 and asked him to travel to Mauritius to help the Indians there. Between 1907 and 1912, this great follower of Gandhi carried out a valiant crusade to improve the living conditions as well as fight for the social and political rights of Indo-Mauritians.

The card was sent to me by Cara, a fellow Postcrosser , from Reunion Island, the sister island to Mauritius. She was on holiday there. Lucky Cara, here I am in snowy , cold Calgary.

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