Thursday, August 17, 2017

Emirates Airbus A380

I'm back, a day or so later than I thought. Oh well, somethings are what they are, but I'm here now. I'll start today off with an Emirates Airbus A380, on a nice looking postcard. A great card for my Airline / Aircraft Postcard Collection.


A Postcrosser in Germany sent this card along. He used one of the common Flower definitives and a 2016 stamp commemorating the Sanssouci Palace, the summer palace of Frederick the Great.

Next card is a Philatelist's dream. A nice selection of old stamps. What more could a stamp collector ask for ? The card arrived from the Czech Republic, but there's no Czech Rep stamp there.

Lada used 3 stamps - one small, one medium size and one quite large. The small stamp is from 2012 and from the Architecture Series. The middle stamp shows Rabi Castle Ruins and was issued in 2015. The large stamp , from 1998, shows a painting by Jan Preisler.

I know I usually show more than 2 cards, but today, I'm a little pressed for time. Company is arriving any minute. Thanks for today's cards go to Lada and Mirko. Tale care and drop by again.

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