Sunday, August 13, 2017

A 1904 New York Building, Hamburg Airport, Bremen and Guarding A Sound-Proof Stage

Hey, how's it going - Happy Sunday to you all. I'm back with a few cards again for this time. Let's start with the 1904 building under construction in New York City. On this card is a photo of the Times Building under construction. This is a vintage New York City photograph with streetcars and horse drawn carriages. Today the building or address has many names - One Times Square, 1475 Broadway, The New York Times Building and the Times Tower. It is a 25 story , 111 m skyscraper, looking much different today.  Much of the interior is vacant these days, but the exterior more than makes up for that. With a high number of billboards, it is considered one of the most valuable advertising locations in the world.

Laura a Postcrosser from New York City used the 6th and latest round global forever stamp from the U.S.A. It features a green succulent plant called the Echeveria.

Hamburg Airport is the subject of today's second card. Known in German as Flughafen Hamburg, the airport is the fifth busiest airport in Germany. In 2016 it handled 16,220,000 passengers and 16,650 aircraft movements.

Jean Pierre's first stamp celebrates 1,000 years of Neunburg Vorm Wald as a city. His second stamp shows Naumburg Cathedral which dates back to the 13th century.

The UNESCO city of Bremen is featured next. Bremen's City Hall and the Statue of Roland were added to the World Heritage List in 2004.

Here Jean Pierre used one of the long running definitives and a 2017 stamp Commemorating Martin Luther's Theses.

The last card for today is from Finland. It shows a rather tough looking guard blocking the door on a sound-proof stage. Who's going to talk with her there ?
Not me !

Marita used a current year's stamp commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Lions Clubs International.

That's all for today, a little shorter that my usual. Thanks for cards today go out to Jean Pierre, Marita and Laura.  More to come in a day or two. Take care.

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