Tuesday, August 22, 2017

An Abundance of Great Cards

How's it going today? We all survived the eclipse. I resisted the urge to look at the Sun without eye protection, so I'm good to go. I have lots of great cards for this time. They're from all over , so without further ado, let's get to them.
First up is a local card , local to the area I live in. It's from down the road so to speak.It shows a drawing of the Canadian Pacific Railway Station in Beiseker, Alberta. The building was constructed in 1911 and after the CPR discontinued train service to the town, the building went into disrepair. It was restored by the Village of Beiseker and is now a lovely museum.

My Lovely Teena and I recently had lunch in Beiseker and then toured the museum. We had a great time and as she always does , My Lovely Teena dropped a card in the mail to me. There actually wasn't a big choice of cards , but I'm happy with this one. That's Nelson Mandela on the stamp issued by Canada Post in 2015.


We go across The Pond for my next card. It's from Ham, Belgium. Ham is a town of between 10 and 11 thousand people in the Belgium province of Limburg. Gerda's card gives us a look at the old rectory in the town.

Gerda used 3 stamps on her card. On the left is 1 of 20 from a 2002 Turn of the Century set. In the middle is a 2001 stamp of Pedagogy- Ovide Decroly and on the right , 1 of 10 in a 2009 Books & Authors set.

We're off to Benin, Africa next. A nice view of a couple of lions, a market and a mud house.

It's great to get a card from such a faraway place as Benin, and I have to say this one was totally unexpected, as was one from Mali , back in Feb of this year. Both cards were from a "Mike" and then at the bottom of the cards was " Taowvik Bowkari " . I really don't know who Mike is or who Taowvik Bowkari is but all I can say is Thanks and if you find yourself in Central African Republic, DRC Congo, Gineau-Bissau, Liberia, Sierra Leone or South Sudan, be sure to drop me a card.
Great stamps on this card. On the left is a 2016 issue commemorating the 95th Anniversary of the Nonvitcha Festive Association. Then on the right is a 1971 Dahomey Stamp overprinted for use in Benin. I'm not sure what year it was used, but lower values of the same stamp were used in 1993.

So Mike and or Taowvik Bowkari , if you read this I would love to get an email from you , telling me who you are, where you are and how you move around Africa.

That's it again, the last card for today, a rather short update for me. Thanks for cards today go out to My Lovely Teena, Gerda and Mike and Taowvik.   Take care and I 'll be back soon. Cheers !


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