Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Three Postcards From Three Collectors

Well hello again. It's good that you dropped by . Enjoy today's update. I  have 3 cards for this time. Each is from a great sender of cards , but just as importantly each is from a great collector as well. Two of the three have fine postcard blogs, similar to this one, but that's not to say this one is fine.  Today's cards arrived  from Sri Lanka, Serbia and France.

Let's start with Sri Lanka. This is a great train card and I know there are a few train card collectors out there. To top it off, it's loaded with train stamps, how good is that ? The card shows the Viceroy Special going through the tea plantations near Colombo. The steam locomotive in question is called "the Sir Thomas Maitland " and is 75 years old and the only steam locomotive still in operation in Sri Lanka. The Viceroy operates with 2 observation cars and a restaurant car.


Ravindra used 4 beautiful train stamps. They are the complete set of 4 issued in 2011, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Viceroy. Two of the stamps even show the Viceroy Special. Sri Lanka Post also issued a wonderful souvenir sheet of 1 showing  the train, but it's a fairly high priced stamp. The other stamp , there on the right, celebrates 100 years of Carey College, a private Baptist school.

Ravindra collects Lighthouse postcards , Train postcards and Lighthouse stamps. You can see his lighthouse blog  here .

My second card for today is from Belgrade, Serbia. It's from a Postcrossing meet-up that was held in Belgrade on Oct 31st.  It was the 4th  meet-up in Belgrade. The card is from Ana, but was also signed by 6 other Postcrossers.

Ana used a stamp depicting Old Toys. It's 1 of 2 in the Europa issue for 2015. What's surprising about the toys on this stamp, is that I can remember both my sons playing with toys exactly like these , and now they're both in their thirties.

Ana's postcard blog is called "My World of Postcards " and it's located right  here .  Ana hasn't been active on her blog for a number of months but it still has lots of great cards and stamps that are worth a look.

Now for the last card of today. It's from Paris and gives us a look at the Luxembourg Palace. Constructed between 1615 and 1645  it has served as a former royal residence, but is now the meeting place for the French senate.

This is another card from Jean Pierre, one of many he has sent over the years. Looks like he picked this one up at the 69th Autumn Philatelic Exhibition , held in Paris from Nov 5th to 8th. Jean Pierre's card has a special Nov 5th cancellation from the exhibition  so I guess this is a First Day of Issue of sorts.

There you have it, a short but sweet update. Thanks to Ravindra, Ana and Jean Pierre. Great cards all around. Thanks for reading, be back again in a couple of days. Cheers.
There were cards numbers 3992, 3993 and 3994 that I have received todate. Perhaps in my next update I might be able to report on number 4000, who sent it, where it arrived from , etc. A milestone card for sure.


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