Thursday, November 26, 2015

Three Card Post

Here we go with another post, a three card posting for today. Cards are from France, Germany and The Netherlands. First up is a card from Nantes, a city on the Loire River in the Upper Brittany region of Western France. The city was named " the most liveable city in Europe " in 2004. It is often called the Venice of the West, owning to its position on the river delta of the Loire, the Erdre and the Sevre.

Dominique used a recent 2015 stamp celebrating the Belgian Government in Exile 1914 - 1918. There were 2 stamps in the set and also a souvenir sheet was issued .

Card 2 shows an old photo from 1863. It is a picture of Alexander Munro and his wife. Munro was a British sculptor. What's most interesting about the photo is the photographer - Charles Lutwidge Dodgson , perhaps better known by his pen name of Lewis Carroll. He was an English writer, mathematician, Anglican Deacon and photographer. His most famous writings are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. One more interesting thing about Dodgson - he wrote and received as many as 98,721 letters according to a special letter register which he devised.

This card is from Annette, a German PostCrosser. She used a flower definitive along with a 2014 Stamp Day commemorative celebrating the Lindau Messenger, a transport service operating between Lindau and Milan.

The last card for this time is another addition to my always growing Airline / Aircraft Postcard Collection. This time it's a KLM Boeing 747, just a beautiful aircraft. This 747 is just over 23 years old, having its first flight on September 16, 1992.  Today, November 26th,  PH-BFO operated into or out of Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Seoul. There are a number of beautiful photos of this aircraft on the website. There's also a great take-off video of it on You Tube.

Ingrid , who lives in Zwoll used a new 2015 International Rate definitive.

Sorry, but this stamp doesn't scan too well. The light grey colour makes it a little difficult t see.

So another update is in the history books , so to speak. Thanks for cards  going out to Annette, Dominique and Ingrid. I'm on a bit of a roll this month, should get in at least 1 , maybe 2 more updates, before December.  Take care. Enjoy your cards and stamps or whatever else makes you happy.  

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