Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Last One For November

Well it's just about over , November I mean. This update is number eight for the month, so all in all , a pretty good month here on the blog. Here's a few postcards to end of the month . First up is a map of the Minsk underground. The 37.27 kilometre metro , which opened in 1984, consists of 2 lines. There have been two incidents involving the Minsk metro. On May 30th, 1999 , 53 people were killed in a human crush. A severe thunderstorm caused way too many people at a concert to seek shelter in the underground. A sad ending to the concert, indeed. The other incident happened on April 11th, 2011 when 2 lone wolf terrorists set of a bomb at the main station killing 15 people. Both of the terrorists were apprehended and subsequently executed in March of 2012.

A PostCrosser living in the western Belarus city of Grodno sent this card along. She used a 2014 stamp celebrating Belarus's UNESCO Membership.

Today's second card arrived from New York but it highlights Oceanside, California. Oceanside is a coastal city of just over 167,000 located on the California South Coast. It is just south of Marine Corp Base Camp Pendleton. The card is a nice picture of the Oceanside Pier, a wooden pier measuring 596 metres. The first Oceanside pier was built in 1888. At least 4 have been destroyed by heavy storms. The current pier was built in 1987 at a cost of $5 Million.

Diane from Sag Harbor, N.Y. sent this card. She used a 2013 Christmas Floral Wreath Forever stamp. We've all seen it many times in the past, so I'll skip showing it this time.

One more thing with reference to Oceanside. There's another Oceanside out there. The area of Vancouver Island that I live in is called Oceanside. It's the eastern side of the island and is comprised of Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanoose Bay, Coombs and French Creek. So take that Oceanside , California. You're not alone. Sadly, we don't have a nice pier like they do , though.

Now it's time for another aviation related card. A good blog should have at least one in every update. Here we have a card from the Czech Republic showing Jan Kaspar and his Blieriot XI.  Kaspar ( 1883-1927 ) was a Czech aviator who made his first successful flight  on 16 April 1910. It covered a distance of two kilometres. His most famous flight took place on 13 May 1911. He flew from Pardubice to Velka Chuchle, a distance of 121 km and the flight lasted 92 minutes.

Andra used a 2011 Z rate Definitve stamp featuring Architecture.

 Posted in Ostrava, the 3rd largest city in the Czech Republic.

A card from Adelaide, South Australia is next. Yolanda's card gives a view of the city along with Adelaide Oval. Adelaide has a population of 1.3 million and was listed in the Top 10 of the World's Most Liveable Cities in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015. The Oval is home to cricket and Australian Rules Football. It also has hosted rugby, soccer and many great music concerts. Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, KISS, Madonna and Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson , Elton John, Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters have all performed there, among others.

Yolanda used a current 2015 stamp featuring a Custom Made Road Bike. It is 1 of 5 in a all Bikes set.

We've made it . The last card for today is next and it comes from Malaysia. It's a view of Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Tower with it's lights ablaze at night.


Jean Pierre used 3 fine stamps on his card. The stamp , top left, is 1 of 7 in an agriculture set. The other two were issued last year in a set of 10 showing Museums.

Thanks to all the card senders. Can't do it without you all or at least guys like you.

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