Friday, November 13, 2015

Gem's World Postcards --- Eight Years Old Today

Well, how's it going , it's Friday the 13th , hope everyone gets thru the day unscathed ? I really think it's just another day on the calendar , so I just go about my regular routine. I haven't seen any black cats today, haven't walked under any ladders , so all is well.
Today is Nov 13th and that is significant to this blog. It was exactly 8 years ago today that Gem's World Postcards went live with a post showing a card of the Okavango River in Botswana. Today's blog entry is #671. In those 8 years since Nov 13, 2007  I have received a total of 3991 postcards and a vast majority of them you can find here on the blog. I never imagined back in Nov of 2007 that I would still be here in 2015 , but I enjoy doing this, I am amazed at all I have learned from the postcards , and now look forward to doing it with no end in sight. Now, it's on to postcards. I only have 2 for this time, as the cards have slowed to a bit of a trickle. That has happened a few times in the past , but I'm sure things will pick up again and the mailbox will look stuffed every now and then.

Today's first card is from Belgium and shows sights in Marche-en-Famenne, including the sculpture called "Meeting Place ". Also shown are symbols of 4 old trades - tanners, brewers, lace and chimney sweeps.


Meelis used 2 copies of this years Belgian Christmas stamps on this card .


This next card is a cool card. Aviation related, mail related and with a matching stamp. What more can one ask for ? The card from Thailand shows mail being loaded onto a Breguet 14. Thai airmail service was tested in 1920 and launched in 1922. The service was seen only  as a temporary measure that would eventually be replaced by rail . Little did they know. It's kind of nice to think that some of that mail being loaded on that plane, maybe still exists in someone's collection somewhere.

Jobbo used 2 stamps. On the left is a stamp matching the picture on the card. The stamp was issued in 2009 for National Communications Day. On the right is a 2015 ASEAN stamp.

There you have it , I'm 8 years in. . Thanks to Meelis and Jobbo for their cards. Thanks for reading  and anyone out there who has been reading from the beginning, Thank You. Take care and drop by again soon.


Sara said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary for your postcard blog!

WaxonDanielsan said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary! :-)