Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm Really Back

Is anybody out there ? I haven't been active here since mid August , so I wonder is anyone is reading this. I just haven't had the time for blogging, what with the move out, traveling and then the move in and setting up a new home. Then in mid Sept I flew back east to Newfoundland for 10 days. We are just about done so I thought I would attempt a little blog this evening. I have lots of new cards, having received 32 in total since my last update.
By the way, my new address is over on the left.

Let's start with a card from Andorra ( the Spanish part ).  Fabienne's card shows a stone bridge near the French Spanish border.

Fabienne has a great World Heritage postcard blog here. The Andorra Spanish Post stamp used on this card was issued this year and celebrates Radio Andorra.

My next card is from Paris, France. It shows La Grande Arche de la Defense. The monument is located in the commune of Puteaux, to the west of Paris. It was completed in 1989. It is in the shape of a cube, 110m by 110m by 110m.

Jean Pierre used a wonderfully long stamp celebrating 80 years of the Paris Zoo this year. 

Now here's a card from Riga, Latvia showing a large rock split down the middle. Meelis found this card at the Riga Airport.

Couple of large stamps on this one. On the left is 1 of 3 in a 2014 Aviation set. This one features Air Baltic. A fine stamp for my Aviation Topical collection. The 2nd stamp features Imants Ziedonis, a Latvian poet.

I have one ore card for this time. I have to ease back into it slowly, you know. This last card is from Algeria in North Africa. Fati's card shows us Timimoun, a town of just under 30,000 famous for the red ochre color of its buildings. 

On this card we see a 2006 stamp celebrating co-operation with China .

That's the new update. If you are reading , thanks for dropping by.  Be sure to take note of my new address over on the left side at the top.


Angela Boyko said...

Hello! I think I found your blog after you started your move. Nice to see you posting.

michaelatcddstamps said...

Hi Glen congrats on the move. Glad you settled now. Have made a note of the new address. Hope you goit mt card rom Seoul PhilaKorea 2014

Best wishes.. Michael

michaelatcddstamps said...

Hi Glen congrats on the move. Glad you settled now. Have made a note of the new address. Hope you got m card from Seoul PhilaKorea 2014

Best wishes.. Michael

Leslie said...

Congratulations on settling in in your new town! I haven't had any exciting travels lately but will send a boring "welcoming" card to your new address all the same this week!