Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Couple More Cards

Hello again. A few more cards that arrived these past weeks to have a look at. My first card is from Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. This is a spa town of about 50,000 located in western Bohemia, on the confluence of the rivers Ohre and Tepla., about 130 km west of Prague. It is historically famous for its hot springs. The card gives us a look at one of the hot springs from 1910.


This is another card from Dominique. He used a 2014 Automobile stamp from a set of 2 in a Transport issue. The other is a Ship stamp.

Next up is a card from Cattolica, Italy. This is a town and comune in the province of Rimini with just over 16,000 inhabitants. On Johan's card we can see The Fountain of Sirens statute . Located in the town square, the fountain represents three sirens wrapped in soft and sensual drapes.

Johan used 3 stamps from 2013 on this card. They are from a set of 15 issued showcasing Italian wine and vineyards.

 Here's another card from Johan. This one is from Ireland - Dublin  At Night, an experience I'm sure. Dublin is spread over the valley of the river Liffey, with the Wicklow Hills to the south.

Johan used a new 2014 WWI stamp showing The Real Irish Spirt. It is from a set of 2.

Who's up for a Big Thrill now ? Here's the newest thrill in the Canadian Rockies. The Glacier Skywalk. Located on the Icefields Parkway south of Jasper, this glass-floored observation platform hovers 918 feet above Sunwapta Valley.   The glass floor is 3.81 cm thick. This latest attraction opened in May of this year after 2 years of construction and $21 million in  costs. My Lovely Teena and I experienced this in early September on our way to B.C.

Teena sent me this card and she used a new Shania Twain stamp , from the Canadian Country Artists set of 5 issued on July 31st.

I'm not too happy about the ink pen stroke used to cancel the stamp, though . Inconsiderate defacing is what I call it. What do you think of this type of cancel ?

A group of elephants is called a parade, or so I believe. That's what we have on this next card. An African Experience, from Kruger National Park in South Africa. It is thought that elephants can communicate with one another over many kilometres and that they have an emotional awareness unlike any other animal.

And, what else would you put on an elephant postcard but an elephant stamp ? That's what Bruce did, he used a 2014 Big Five stamp issued in May.

The Battery, a small cliffside neighbourhood in  St. John's , Newfoundland is showcased on my next card. The Battery owes its name to fortifications which once guarded the entrance to St. John's Harbour.

This card comes compliments of my son and his family who visited Newfoundland in July. Thanks Stephen , Sara and grandkids Evan and Ryann. The stamp used is one from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada set of 5 issued in March of this year. This one shows Miguasha National Park in Quebec.

I think that's  just about enough for this time. I had a couple more set to go, but I'll save them for the next update. Thanks for today's cards go to Dominique, Johan, Johan again, My Lovely Teena, Bruce , Stephen and family.
Take care, enjoy your cards.

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